IGN Looks at "Episodes" PS3 Gameplay

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IGN has posted an article about Episodes from Liberty City for the PlayStation 3. The article talks about The Ballad of Gay Tony and some of the missions plus weapons featured in the game. Those that have played or read about Episodes will already know everything all about it; there's nothing new.

IGN has also posted a video of gameplay from the PS3 version montaging the nightlife. Check it out here or below:

Quote from the article about a mission:
As with The Lost and Damned, the events of Gay Tony take place around the same time as those of the main story from GTA IV. You'll see a lot of the same characters and get to know some of the bigger crimelords a guy like Niko would never meet. In one mission, Luis is doing a solid for Bulgarin, the top Russian gangster in the city. Bulgarin is a nutjob, of course, and wants to get his hands on The Liberty City Rampage – a hockey team. But the owner is keeping the deal from happening. So it's Luis' job to stop this guy from breathing.

Things begin with a freefall from a helicopter. Dive out, pull your chute and parachute onto the roof. From there it's standard GTA IV stuff – cover shooting, explosive barrels, lots of people dying. The P90, one of the new guns, is a beast of an automatic weapon. It fires 900 rounds per minute (I counted). Of course, you only need to fire a single round per second if you pull of some headshots. After capping the owner, it's time to make your escape. But why take the stairs when you can take the window? Leap out, pull your chute and guide Luis onto the back of his moving getaway truck.

Check out the rest of the article here and feel free to discuss Lost and Damned & Gay Tony in our forums!