Liberty City Choppers

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Jim tells Johnny that stealing some bikes from the Angels could make them some money.

Follow Jim

Follow Jim who will lead you a storage area where The Lost have a flatbed truck waiting. Once you arrive, get in the truck. Jim will tell you to drive to a diner where the Angels are hanging out. It's towards the South of Alderney.

Get The Bikes

Once you get to the diner, Jim will tell you to get the bikes while he scans the horizon. Once you've got the first bike, shots will be exchanged between Jim and the Angels. You'll be alerted that you can call Terry for backup. If you do, he'll arrive pretty sharpish and between them, they'll keep the Angels busy. You can help them out, but your main objective is to get the bikes.

Once you've successfully put three or four bikes on the truck, you'll be told to kill the rest of the Angels. Once they're dead, Johnny will tell everyone else he can manage on his own, so they'll disappear.

Now just simply drive the truck back to the place you picked it up from. A bunch of Angels will chase you, but if you keep driving, they'll fall back after awhile. Once you've parked the truck you'll see a bunch of under cover cops appear telling you they saw you steal the bikes.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1000


Mission Tips

  • You can do the mission without calling for backup, but it'll save you ammo and looks cooler having your guys do the work for you.
  • After the mission you'll get a call from Terry about a street race.