Collector's Item

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Ray calls you and tells you that you need to work for your money for the diamonds. A deal is going down at the Libertonian museum and he wants you there.

To The Libertonian

Grab a vehicle, or a taxi and make your way to the Libertonian museum. Enter the mission marker and you'll be told to head inside the museum, so go through the door and up the stairs. You'll be told to meet Niko at the goods entrance, so make your way over to him. Don't forget to grab the body armour from next to the fat guys as you move through the museum though.

Head down and meet Niko, then watch the cutscene which will be familiar to you if you played through Niko's story. The deal will be ambushed, and once the cutscene is over, you'll have to fight your way out of the museum and escape.

Like clockwork, you'll get a text from telepathic Jim who knows you're in trouble and suggests calling Clay or Terry for help again. If you call them, you'll be told they're waiting at the entrance for you.

This Guy's A Dangerous Mother Fucker

Make your way along the top floor and down the stairs, then when you reach the bottom, you'll see that Niko already killed everyone down there. Head into the mission marker and go through the door and back down the stairs which you came up from. Watch out for the guy who jumps around the corner and sprays you with an SMG.

Once he's dead, move out of the building where Terry and Clay will be waiting if you called for them.

Mafia Shootout

There are tons of Mafia waiting outside for you, so start shooting and kill as many as you can. After about a minute, a few cars will try to escape, so grab a vehicle and chase after them. If you got Clay and Terry, don't worry about them, they'll appear behind you on their bikes a few seconds later.

You basically need to chase after the Mafia cars and kill everybody in them. There will most likely be three of them, and you can't lose them. No matter how far away they get, as long as you keep chasing them, you'll be able to catch them up and kill them.

Once they're all dead, Johnny will call Jim and tell him he needs to give him something. Follow your GPS to the meet location.

Johnny will hand the money over to Jim and his friend in an alleyway. An alleyway which might remind you of another mission from Niko's story...

Mission Passed!
Reward: $10000


Mission Tips

  • RPG's, pipe bombs and an AK-47 are perfect for fighting the Mafia outside the museum.
  • Everything inside the museum is pretty straight forward.
  • Drive-by the mafia cars until they catch fire, then shoot the guys who flee on foot.
  • After the mission you'll get a text from Jim telling you to meet him at Ray's. This will unlock a new mission for Ray.