Bad Cop Drop

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Jim explains that you two have two choices. Take it from the cops for the rest of their lives, or do something about it. Johnny agrees they should do something about it.

Doughnuts And Coffee

Jim gives you a fully automatic pistol and wants you to head with him to meet the cops. About half way there, Johnny will suggest they race, so speed along the street avoiding the traffic and get to the cops first. Not like it matters either way.

Once you arrive, a cutscene will kick in where Jim punches one of the cops, steals their doughnuts and throws coffee at the other. This, obviously pisses them off, but it was all a part of the plan.


Speed off with Jim and lead the cops to the ambush set up by fellow members of the Lost. On the way, you'll be told to hold B to see the view from the bent cops eyes. If you look through their eyes at certain points, they'll actually be checking out prostitutes on the street. Don't get too far ahead, but if they get too close they'll be able to shoot you.

Goodbye Pigs

Once you reach the ambush site, get off your bike and get behind some cover. The cops are heavily armoured, so headshots are the quickest way to take them out. The fully automatic pistol is great for getting headshots as you can use the first few bullets to zero your aim.

After the first car has been wiped out, there'll be another three cars of bent cops. Same rules apply. Kill them all, ideally with headshots.

Once they're all dead, you'll need to escape the area, which is effectively a wanted level radius. Head through the compound and you'll be able to get outside the circle where you can wait for a few seconds until you lose the wanted level.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2000


Mission Tips

  • Always go for the head with the fully automatic pistol. Use the first few bullets to help you improve your aim.
  • Remember to hold B while the cops are chasing you for some humorous footage.
  • As always, grab weapons and ammo from the dead bodies.