Diamonds In the Rough

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Ashley tells you that Ray wants you to do something for them. Johnny speaks to Ray, and he tells you he wants you to get some diamonds, but you'll need some help.

Meet The Lost

Outside, Johnny calls Jim and tells him that he needs some help. Jim arranges for Johnny to meet the Lost Brotherhood in Broker. Make your way over to Broker and meet the other guys. As with practically every mission, Jim will tell you to get T&C to help you, so give either of them a call if you want them to ride with you.

You'll generally find the guys going across the bridge, so drive past them and lead the pack from the front. You'll need to take them to the docks where the deal is going down.

Gimme Them Diamonds!

After the cutscene, Gay Tony will try to escape with the diamonds, so chase after him. The best thing to do is take out the car behind it, protecting them first. I suggest shooting it until it blows up, as it's pretty difficult to actually take out the driver and gunners.

Once that car is disposed of, spray a load of bullets into the limo. Once it's on fire, stop shooting. Gay Tony will get out, so hose him down with bullets. Once he's dead, get off your bike and grab the diamonds.

Stick Em In the Trash

Johnny will call Ray, who will tell him that he wants the diamonds to be split up and stored in the trash in 2 separate locations. Remind you of a mission for Niko? Make your way to each of the drop off locations, once you arrive, Johnny will magically deposit the drugs without even getting close to the trash bags.

Once you've done them both, it's mission complete. No rewards for this one though, as Ashley will tell you via a phone call. You only get paid when the drugs get sold.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • You need to make sure you have a weapon you can use for drive-bying for this mission. You most likely will have, but a sawed off shotgun or Uzi works the best.
  • Keep spraying at the cars to light them on fire. Once they catch fire the drivers and passengers will bail, then you can run them over or shoot them.