Random Pedestrians

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Malc #1

Malc was meant to be meeting DeSean but he hasn't showed, so he wants you to go with him.

Grabe a bike and follow Malc. On the way he'll get a call from DeSean telling him he's been shot. Malc now wants you to come with him to help DeSean.

Once you meet DeSean, he'll tell you he just got grazed, but Johnny says he'll help him get revenge. Now you need to follow DeSean while he tries to find the people who shot him.

They're only a block or so away, so once you arrive, take out the five or six guys and once they're dead, Johnny will tell them he's going to excuse himself.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $500

Malc #2

Malc wants you to prove you've got balls and take part in a race with him.

Get a bike and head to the start point. After that it's just a regular street race where you can whack people off with the bat.

I ended up coming 3rd because I got hit down an alleyway at the start and couldn't get turned around, so I don't know the reward for winning. You can only do the mission once, so maybe make a save game before it if you want to guarantee a victory. Whether you win or lose, this mission is complete.

Mission Passed!


Dave Grossman tells you that his secretary is ruining his life by claiming he sexually harrassed her. He wants you to intimidate her lawyer so she'll back off.

Grab a vehicle and make your way to Denver Avenue. As you approach, the lawyer will drive off. Catch him up and fire a few shots at his car to let him know you mean business.

If you're level with him when you shoot his car, that should be enough to scare him. After the cutscene you'll be rewarded.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $500