Courier #1 - Los Santos

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Side and Asset Missions
by §ynch
December 2004

Courier # 1 - Los Santos
Location: Roboi's Grocery, south west of Pershing Square.
Vehicle: BMX
Reward: $2,000 Asset generated.
Format: Sony PS2

This Los Santos Mission is easily overlooked/not found. Look on the big map, and target Pershing Square, and go there. Roboi's Grocery is due south-west of the square. You'll see a bicycle in front of the store. It is best to hop on this bike as soon as possible after the first or second mission in the Game, to generate cash. It will also increase your BMX skill. Basically you will have a series of targets to throw a package through. They look just like the hidden packages in GTAlll, and the icons in VC's "Checkpoint Charlie" boat mission. The number of targets will increase each level, but this is totally achievable in the first go. Each Corona that you throw the package through, using circle, will be very obvious on the HUD map, but you'll want to pause the Game, and make sure, like an R3 mission, that you know whereabouts you're going. Once you approach each Corona, use L2 or R2 depending on which side you're on, to view the throw area. Then use circle to throw the package through the Corona. Map out the quickest point to travel to, inclusive of all targets, and try and get there as soon as possible, ignoring the game clock, as it's just a distraction. Try any sidewalks, back alleys that you know, etc. to reach the destinations in total, and return back to the starting point where the next missions will be targeted.

Complete all of the Los Santos deliveries and the Roboi's Grocery will generate up to $2,000 per day.