Courier # 2 - San Fierro

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Side and Asset Missions
by §ynch
December 2004

Courier # 2 - San Fierro
Location: Hippy Shopper, Ocean Flats, across from the Church.
Vehicle: Freeway
Reward: $2,000 Asset generated.
Format: Sony PS2

Go to the Hippy Shopper in Hashbury/Ocean Flats, the one northwest of the SubUrban store and the Tatoo Parlor. There is a Freeway parked in front, the GTA equivalent of a Harley Davidson chopper. You won't be in the mission long enough to get hungry, but if you haven't eaten in awhile, it may be best to eat now at the nearby Cluckin' Bell. What you'll need for this mission is good bike skills, a good knowledge of the city, and good map skills. The last thing you want is to get stuck in some of the many curvy streets and/or hills.

The main enemy here is not timer.
It is 3 factors making this mission harder than the LS Courier mission:
1)The chopper itself: poor hill climbing, slides around a lot in the rain, and starts to smoke fast.
(parking in a safe house garage does not affect the damage, and there is not enough time for a spray.)
2)The city itself, and the weather. On level 3 it starts to rain.
3)The other drivers and cops, which get more aggressive, and seem to purposely get in your way as the levels progress.

Knowing all of this plus quick map skills using targeting locator, and you're ready to get on the chopper.
Level One: 3 targets, not far, and with a 3 minute timer. As with the LS Courier mission, approach the target corona, use R1 or L1 to look left or right, and press circle to throw the package into the corona. Notice the clear weather and light traffic, your only enemy here are basic driving skills. Finish the packages, and return to the Hippy Shopper, again using the big map with targeting locator if needed.
Level Two: A few more targets this time, and more traffic. Pause and use the big map locator on every target, unless you can see them on the HUD. Careful of all vehicles, as they will not budge, and being on a bike, you'll lose that shoving match. If a car runs into you while you are tossing the package, get off the bike, and retrieve the missed package on the ground by walking over it. Get back on the chopper and toss it. You should have enough time to get all 4-6 targets, I didn't count here, spent more time saving the bike's health and using the locator.
Level Three: You'll have at least 6 targets to hit, in 6 minutes. If the bike is smoking, be even more careful, as in this level, it starts to rain. Hard. The furthest target being the clock tower near the piers, and not on the bridge. Map out a route that will have you hitting targets clockwise or counter-clockwise, whatever works for you. I went counter-clockwise, so I could hit the pier area second. I went through the train tunnel, picked up near CJ's garage, and exited near Xoomer, but I believe I could have taken it further. Still raining, once at the piers, I headed west for the targets near Chinatown. Through a few straight shots uphill, and down, being cautious to use square button brake, as the e-brake is only good around corners and will slide the bike out. You want to keep using the locator on the map, and keep an eye out for obstacles like the Windy, Windy Road. If you've mapped your route good, made the rounds in an R3 fashion, are not smoking, have no wanted level, you should be in position near the SF Medical Center to go on back to the Hippy Shopper for the final time. It looks like a straight shot, but near the Shopper, coming from the north, you are going to want to go around all the weird curvy streets and take the blocks, left, straight, left, etc. using the E- brake to get the edge on the corners, still keeping an eye on cars. It's just safer, as the clock timer should be closing in under a minute. Return to the orange glow after all packages have been delivered and the clock timer has still got time on it.

Now you've generated assets at the Hippy Shopper, up to $2000 per day.
Save now at your Hashbury house before something happens.