Courier # 3 - Las Venturas

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Side and Asset Missions
by §ynch
December 2004

Courier # 3 - Las Venturas
Location: Burger Shot, Redsands East.
Vehicle: Faggio
Reward: $2,000 Asset generated.
Platform: Sony PS2

Go to the Burger Shot in Redsands East, just north of The Visage, and west of the old Las Venturas Strip. There is a Faggio parked on the east side of the building, and note the only entrance/exit is on the south wall. As in the previous two Courier Missions, Carl will have to deliver packages to various locations in the city, in a certain amount of time. This last of the three courier missions is similar to the Pizza Boy mission in Vice City, only much shorter and easier, and the same Faggio skills apply. Pedestrians, all vehicles, and lamp posts are potential threats for wanted levels, and falling off the bike. It helps if you have max bike skills, but not required. Fall off the bike for any reason, you will have 20 seconds to get back on. Run out of time, get wasted or busted, or the bike goes into the water, and mission failed. Also through trial and error, it's not necessary to have a Pilot's License, if anyone finds destinations in the airport.

Note the Burger Shot parking lot. At start, the Faggio is pointing south, towards the entrance/exit. Convenient, but only for the start of the mission. Upon return at the end of each level, the orange glow will be at the north wall, so CJ will be facing opposite the exit every time, unless you power slide into the glow, effectively hanging a u-turn, to be facing the exit. Not likely with a Faggio, but if time allows, go for it. Get on the bike to begin.

Level One: 3 targets, not far, and with a 3 minute timer. As with the LS and SF Courier missions, approach the target corona, use R1 or L1 to look left or right, and press circle to throw the package into the corona. At this point they are mainly around Redsands East and Redsands West. If the HUD is not displaying the targets well enough, pause game, use the map to locate and target your deliveries. Finish the packages, and return to the Burger Shot, again using the big map with targeting locator if needed. Enter into the lot at the south, and drive into the orange glow against the north wall to get your cut of the profits, and receive new deliveries.
Level Two: 5 targets, and depending on how much time you had left, this may or may not add more overall time, around or above 5 minutes to deliver all 5 packages. You definitely should of had extra packages left over. Pause the game and note the furthest location. I was lucky, it was the very familiar Four Dragons Casino. Plot your route accordingly, from furthest, to nearest deliveries. Make your way through any well-known alleys or short cuts that you know of, but do not risk it if you don't know the strip. Once on the strip, your only real danger is getting hit by cars. On straight-aways, push the left analog stick ever so slightly forward so that CJ leans forward, going faster. Either braking works here, but the regular brake will always bring the Faggio to a complete stop. The bike is very slow at idle in motion, so looking , coasting, and throwing is a definite possibility. I didn't miss any while in motion, unlike previous courier missions. Finish all deliveries and head back to Burger Shot, and enter the orange glow carefully.
Level Three: Get ready for Pizza Boy level 7. You now have 7 targets literally at opposite ends of the central area. From Prickle Pine in the north, to Rockshore West in the south, using the targeting locator icon is almost essential here. Pause the game, and plot the furthest target. Note that some of icons on the map will be triangles, this means they are elevated or underground level. If you find one of these are farthest, you should probably go for it first. If using freeways, stay on the side of the road. Make quick work of the furthest target, avoiding the many large trucks on the road. Sidewalks can help, but again watch out for pedestrians. After each delivery, pause to check the next location. It helps to not pay attention to the timer, as you weave in and out of traffic, avoid pedestrians running into the street, and cop chases everywhere. Once you finish a north, south, east, or west section of the map, move on to the next set of targets. The bike should not be smoking yet. If it is, you're going to have to drive more carefully. If you use the Railroad tracks, be aware of oncoming trains. Some destinations will have walls around them, especially in the rural communities. You can throw a package through the corona in either direction, as long as it goes through. Try to finish your route, now the closest to the Burger Shot. After all deliveries are complete, head for that orange glow. Enter, and complete the mission.

This Burger Shot will now generate up to $2000 per day for you.
No, you don't get free food now.