Sober Driver

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You need to be in a vehicle to start this mission. Jonnie needs you to drop off his girl at home because she's drunk. Her dad is a politician so it might make sense to get in his good books.

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Shortly after picking her up from the bar, and making your way towards her house, Jonnie's girl will tell you to take her to another club for a drink.

Once you arrive at her club, a guy will try to rob her. She wants your help, so go and attack the two men who are trying to rob her. Don't use a gun like a shotgun though because you'll end up killing her too and failing the mission. A bat seems to be the best weapon for this mission.

Once they're dead, get back in a car with the girl. As you do, she'll tell you her boyfriend spotted her and she wants you to lose him. You've got 1 minute to escape him. The best idea is to go down a few alleyways where hopefully he'll get stuck.

Once you've lost him, she'll tell you she feels sick and wants you to take her home before she pukes. You've got a minute to get to her house which is pretty much East of the center of Portland.

Mission Passed!