Dirty Laundry

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Vinnie tells you that one of the Mafia's drug dealers, a guy called Federico, has been using more of the product than he's been selling. The Mafia want him eliminated.

Here I Come Federa... Fido... Aah... Freddy, To Take You Down

After the cutscene you'll be given some money and told to go to Ammu-Nation for some heat. Make your way to Ammu-Nation, following the blip on the map. Once you arrive, enter the shop and scroll through the menu's for a pistol. Unless you've earned money from elsewhere, that's all you'll be able to afford.

Once you've got the weapon, follow the map blip to Federico. As you arrive, he'll tell you he's taking you down, but obviously you'll be the one killing him. Fire a few shots into him, or use whatever weapon you have available. Fists? Bat? They all work well. Once he's dead you'll get a pager message from Vinnie.

Mission Passed!