The Wrap Up

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The Wrap Up

Mission Time
Buzz Off!
Time to wrap up some loose ends with the FIB and break off the rocky relationship once and for all if the rest of the government allows it.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Michael (start, job), Trevor (job only)

Mexican Standoff

Once at the Kortz Center enter the complex and go upstairs to the back to meet with FIB Agent Dave Norton who is reading a newspaper along a balcony. Michael comments on the cliché way of meeting. Norton informs Michel that there's yet another problem. Steve Haines and Andreas Sanchez walk over. Haines is upset about Norton's handling of things and tells Sanchez to arrest the other two for multiple counts of every crime under the sun. Michael questions Haines why and they pull guns on each other. Sanchez and Norton then join the standoff. Norton calms down Haines who explains that higher ups suspect him of being behind past doings.

Suddenly IAA agents appear with their guns drawn. You might recognize the leader (U.L. Paper contact from GTA IV) who tells them to put their weapons down. Next a team of tactical FIB agents comes from the other side. Haines questions who they are with and Sanchez admits they are with him. Haines says he knew Sanchez was a rat and that he loves his country more than anyone. And now yet another faction appears. A Merryweather attack helicopter flies up along the balcony and also requests that weapons be put down. One of the tactical FIB agents shoots Haines in the leg and he in turn shoots Sanchez in the head. The factions scramble to find cover and Michael does the same. Norton and Haines run off.

Downsizing the government

Start clearing the area of enemies as they shoot you and each other. Using a headset, Norton tells Michael they'll meet at the end of the walkway near some stairs. Michael says he isn't going anywhere until the factions kill more of each other. Get through the gun battle towards Dave. A helicopter will crash above the stairs near him so you'll need another way down. Norton tells Michael about the blockage so you'll need to go to the stairs at the other end of the complex. You are told to escape via a balcony. Watch out for a lone tactical agent coming around the corner near the marker. Kill him and anyone else causing issues for Norton. He says he will meet you down in the plaza.


When you come around the corner a cutscene shows the Merryweather helicopter coming in low over the plaza. It starts firing at Michael who takes cover behind a column. The camera changes over to a sniper - Trevor - who you are SWITCHed to. Shoot the pilot to take down the chopper. Another cutscene shows it crash into the plaza's fountain. From a roof across the way Trevor yells over to Michael that he wants to be the one to kill Michael. Michael is told to run. In control of Trevor, take out the tactical agents in the plaza before they overrun Norton. Norton then moves up as more enemies enter the plaza from the left (Merryweather) and straight ahead (tactical agents). You can now SWITCH between Michael and Trevor. Michael and Dave will meet at a stone bench near the pool.

SWITCH back to Michael who is still behind a column. Get downstairs to the courtyard but you'll need to go north and then west around the plaza to a stairway. Look out for three enemies coming around the next corner. Kill them and move up. One more is in front of you and one is off to the right as you come around. Kill them and try to help out Trevor and Norton as much as possible while moving around the walkway. There are enemies on the second floor across the plaza as well as below you on the plaza floor. Kill whoever you can. Another Merryweather helicopter will fly in so take that down too. Dave says the corrupt FIB agents are either rouge or paid by the IAA. When you get to the northern end of the walkway more enemies will spawn on your level. Kill them and move up to grab the health pack if needed on a column next to a Kortz Center sign.

Keep moving around to the large stairway while taking down enemies. Dave says Merryweather is probably involved in this because of Trevor's doings. Get down to the marker and more enemies will spawn north and west of you on the upper level. Yet another Merryweather helicopter will spawn so take that down too. Defend Dave from the onslaught. When most of them are dead you are told to go to the parking lot where even more enemies are now waiting. If you are still using Trevor you'll be SWITCHed to Michael. Follow Norton towards the parking lot and take out Merryweather guards scattered all over the area including up on stairways. Norton tells Michael that there are probably cars in the lot so take one far away from this place and do not contact him until the heat is lost.

Grab a vehicle when possible. Norton grabs a sports car and takes off. Trevor tells Michael they need to talk but not here. He'll meet Michael behind a pawn shop in Morningwood so drive there. As you come around the building an enemy helicopter will appear overhead. Take it down or outrun the missiles. Get to the meeting place where Trevor is waiting. Trevor wants to know about Dave Norton but Michael says it wasn't his fault things went bad. Trevor doesn't have any nice words for Michael who questions why he even came back. All Trevor came back for is one last score. If it goes good he won't need to kill Michael and if it goes bad they spend eternity together. The heist is on. Michael calls Lester to inform him. Lester is on board and will start getting things together. Satisfied, Trevor walks off leaving Michael alone.

Later Michael calls Norton and wants to know how Norton is going to repay him. Norton says they can pin most of it on Sanchez since he can't refute anything. The only remaining problem to deal with is Trevor. Norton can pass off Michael as controllable but Trevor is definitely not. Michael just wants to get out of all this.


  • If you need health prior to meeting with Dave there are soda machines at the entrance and a health pack on the plaza level near Dave's starting location (left of the stairs by a set of doors).
  • You really need to run and gun in order to make the time objective. There is no accuracy objective so have at it. Aim for headshots.
  • You do not need to actually kill anyone in the first area. Just run around to the right and dodge the bullets if you wish to do so.
  • You do not need to kill every single enemy throughout the mission. Some can be left alone especially in the plaza near the end where Trevor will clean up the remainder. It is advised to try and headshot whoever you can anyway to make sure you meet that objective.
  • You can get most of the enemies from the upper level.
  • When taking down helicopters aim for the pilots. You don't need to shoot down the last one right away but it is highly advised since the chopper will fire missiles at you.
  • You'll probably want to grab a fast street car when escaping the parking lot.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 07:00.
  • Headshots - Kill 18 enemies with a headshot.
  • Buzz Off! - Shoot down the pursuing helicopter.

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