The Bureau Raid & Set Up

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The Bureau Raid & Set Up

The FIB agents want their favorite puppets to do one last huge favor for them or else everyone is screwed.

Rewards: Lots and lots of money (Franklin), None (Michael)
Protagonists: Michael, Franklin

Cleaning out the Bureau

Lester is upstairs prepared for the agents' arrival. It doesn't look like his factory is set up to make anything which is good because that makes it not suspicious in today's world. Michael says Trevor is giving him issues because of the Brad thing. Lester is putting the Union Depository heist on hold since they need Trevor. Dave Norton runs up the stairs and tells Michael it's getting bad. Michael dismisses the agent who cried wolf but Norton says he could go to jail and Michael could get shot. Steve Haines comes up and explains that the IAA is onto them and people in the FIB are questioning him. The agents need to find out what evidence the other FIB agents have. Lester can't hack into the system so they need to get in the FIB building itself. In return Haines promises to delete all of Michael's files. Michael says this is the very last thing they will do for the agents. They all exit the building and go their separate ways.

Get in your car and drive to the FIB building parking lot entrance on the lower roadway. Lester wants to get in the building by convincing a janitor to get on their side. They are going to wait for a certain janitor named Harvey to leave the building. Lester gets his license plate. Pull up to the parking garage and wait for the car with the correct license plate to leave. Focus in on the plates to check them. While they wait Lester thinks after this Michael will be killed by the agents or get killed during some other task they make him do. Michael agrees. He may be able to delete his own files himself while raiding the building. Lester messages Haines to get a needed budget for this job.

The target will be a red 4 door that exits fourth. When it's spotted follow the janitor a few car lengths back. Don't get too close. Since he's a good citizen he'll stop at every red light. Lester will say Haines okayed the budget to do the job. When the janitor gets home they'll need his ID card and likely his overalls. Lester is pretty sure he'll cooperate if others have the same opinion about Steve Haines.


Near the mall the janitor pulls into his driveway. Lester says to stop down the road a little bit. After the janitor exits his car get out and start heading over without getting too close. The janitor chats with his neighbor real quick and walks around the right side. Follow him. He'll go up a set of stairs and enter his apartment. Go up and walk in. In a cutscene Michael enters the apartment and tells Harvey he is going to take paid vacation. Harvey works two jobs and doesn't seem to care. Michael takes his overall and ID card. He also makes sure Harvey knows he means business before walking out.

Get back in your car and take Lester back to the garment factory. Lester called Franklin to meet them at the factory. There are no digital plans of the offices that Lester can find so he'll need Franklin to tail the architect and get hard copies. Lester needs the plans since there's hundreds of millions of dollars worth of security to bypass. When you arrive at the factory Franklin is already there. Go up to the office.

Franklin is waiting inside. After some relationship discussions Lester tells the two that they need to do some more recon of the FIB building. Franklin is told to tail the architect named Chip Peterson so he leaves. Without much else to discuss Michael also leaves.


  • This mission is pretty straight forward. Harvey is the fourth car and don't get too close to him. You can get quite close when he is walking to his apartment.
  • You need to focus in on the car or else you'll be stuck sitting there and lose him.


  • Eagle Eye - Check all license plates.
  • He Missed a Spot - Follow the janitor without being spotted.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 09:00.

Architect's Plans

Not too long after getting the Janitor's clothing and ID card, Franklin will message Michael that he is on to something with the architect. SWITCH to Franklin (you can't be using Franklin already) who is at the Mile High Club construction site in Downtown LS. He'll be on the phone with Michael who tells him to not screw it up. You are told to follow the architect and get the plans. Walk into the site and a worker will tell Franklin he needs a hardhat which is then tossed over. The architect will exit his car and start walking. Stay a short distance behind him but not too close. He'll make his way towards the elevators on the southwest corner and go up. Grab the other elevator and activate the button. On the next floor get out and follow the architect.

When he is alone get the blueprints by threatening him or just kill him. If there are witnesses (workers) you'll get a 2 star wanted level for using fists and 3 stars for using a gun. Exit the construction site with the plans and lose the cops if needed. Bring the plans back to the garment factory. Go upstairs to Lester's office.

Decisions, Decisions

Lester get's his planning board set up. There are two options he sees. The new security software goes into "containment" mode when there is an emergency. The first approach will be to plant fire bombs in the building and then go in as the fire department to grab the containment drive. The second approach is to break into the server on site. For the first option Michael will need to use his janitor items to place the bombs while mopping the floors. They'll need a fire truck and a getaway car after destroying the truck. For the second option the FIB should be able to provide a chopper and pilot. The crew will parachute down into the building carrying plenty of fire power in case it goes bad.

With the decision made you need to pick your crew. The fire crew approach requires two gunmen. The roof entry approach requires a gunman, hacker, and driver.

  • Hacker: Rickie Lukens (4%), Christian Feltz (10%), Paige Harris (15%)
  • Gunman: Daryl Johns (6%), Norm Richards (7%), Hugh Welsh (7%), Gustavo Mota (14%), *** Packie McReary (12%) If rescued during random event
  • Driver: Karim Denz (8%), Eddie Toh (14%), *** Taliana Martinez (5%) If rescued during random event

After confirming the options Lester mentions to Michael that they can't move on the Union Depository without Trevor. Michael says Trevor can't do it without them either. You are left in control of Michael.


  • Don't walk too close to the other workers or else your cover may be blown.
  • Knock him out before he gets onto the elevator. You'll be away from workers so the cops won't get called.
  • If you don't care about the police attention, kill him as quickly as possible. You can kill him from the starting point with a gun, run in to grab the plans, and then run out of the site for a getaway of 4 seconds.
  • The fire crew approach requires some setup where as the roof entry approach does not.
  • Optimal crew for the fire crew is Gustavo and Daryl (or Packie). Out of Hugh, Daryl, or Norm, one of them will die after the backdraft early into the escape. Only Packie and Gustavo will both live if used together.
  • Optimal crew for the roof entry is Rickie, Daryl, and Eddie (or Taliana). Daryl will get brightly colored parachutes and have an "inappropriate weapon" for the heist but those won't make a difference. Rickie's inexperience will show but you should be able to figure out the computer (especially since you are reading this guide anyway) and the fire sprinklers don't really obscure anyone. He also won't take long to delete the necessary files although it seems like the FIB agents are a little tougher during the hack time with him. Karim will use a van as a getaway vehicle which delays his arrival at the pickup location (since the police have things blocked off) and keeps the law enforcement coming as you leave the area so you'll need to survive that too. If you used Rickie and Karim during the Vangelico heist they will have gained experience and be optimal for this job (Taliana aside).


  • Quick Getaway - Leave the construction site within 45 seconds.

Fire Crew

The choice is made to use fire bombs and enter as the fire department.

Fire Truck

Either go to a local fire station or dial up emergency services (911 if you do not have the contact) so the fire department comes to you. Grab their truck and you'll be given a 1 star wanted level. Lose the attention and park the truck back at the garment factory. Your character will call Lester to say that it's there.


  • This mission is straight forward. Get the truck and bring it to Lester.
  • Easiest way to do this is to call the fire department from outside the garment factory. It is possible to steal the truck and drive it to the parking spot before the cops get called. However, using this method seems to disable the emergency 911 objective.
  • For ease of setup, do the getaway vehicle first and call the fire department from that location to ride back to the factory in the fire truck.


  • What is your Emergency? - Call 911 to contact the fire department.
  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the fire truck with no damage.

Getaway Vehicle

Park a 4 door vehicle somewhere nearby and mark its location by calling Lester > Mark Getaway Location. With the setup complete Lester will make his final calls.



  • A usable location is not on a main road (dirt roads are fine) and clear of objects or other vehicle spawns.
  • The getaway vehicle cannot be placed too close to the FIB building or local law enforcement which is present east of the area. Best places are small parking lots just outside the area.


  • None

The Bureau Raid

Not long after completing the setup, Lester will message Michael that they are ready. As Michael, go back up to Lester's office at the factory. He's setting up gas cans around the building while discussing the mission ahead. Michael changes into the janitor outfit and assists Lester with pouring gas around the building. When he's done enough Michael heads out to get the heist underway.

Get in your car and head to the FIB building. Michael will call Franklin and tell him to get the crew ready with the fire truck. When you arrive at the building go inside through the turnstile. Michael clears his ID with the lax security. Go to the elevator. On the next floor walk ahead to the maintenance closet to grab the mop. Now go to the office floor. Michael will automatically use his ID to get in. Once inside, mop the floor which is the dirty spots. Instructions are displayed. You need to be in the right spot for the mop to be effective. Michael will not "snap" into the perfect place and can miss half the dirt. You'll also need to clean the mop in the bucket after each big dirt spot.

When the first area is clean you are told to plant the first bomb in the locker. Grab the bucket and continue to the next room. Mop the next two areas and plant the second bomb in the restroom. Now grab your bucket and bring the equipment back to the closet. Then go to the elevator and leave the building. When you reach the marker at the street Michael calls Franklin to tell him the charges are set. you are then SWITCHed to Franklin who is driving the fire truck with the crew. Pick up Michael in Pillbox Hill (along the south side of the park in Downtown).

When Michael gets in he tells Franklin to phone in the detonation while he gets into fire gear. Go to Contacts > Detonate. Watch the explosions and respond back to the FIB building. Michael confirms that Lester hijacked the emergency signal so they should be the only first responders. Enter the building and go to the elevator again. All the security personnel flee past you. According to Lester the elevators should be fine but Franklin is a little worried.

On the next floor the crew masks up and an oxygen meter is displayed. Michael tells the crew they are going across this floor to the stairs. They need to go up six floors to 53. When you reach that floor get the containment drive at the other end. The door is locked so Franklin is tasked with blowing it open. Equip a sticky bomb and attach it to the door. Back up to blow it. Run in and over to the drive and Franklin automatically grabs it. Now follow Michael out of the building. Note that there is a health pack in the northeastern corner and armor in the southwestern corner inside the conference rooms.

Towering Inferno

As the crew starts to exit, it is obvious something isn't completely right. Rumbles are heard and the skylights break. When the crew gets moves down the stairwell the concrete breaks apart. They run into the current floor and find a locked door. Stand back so Michael can break it open with an axe. A backdraft explodes out and knocks the crew down. If you have a less qualified gunman on the crew, you'll need to check on one of them but they'll be dead. Follow the crew through the fires as pieces of the building crash down. They find a sloped part and slide down. Keep following them. Just as you see another agent cowering in fear an explosion shoots out of the door and Franklin is knocked out.

He awakens a little later. Michael communicates to him that they are down another floor. Unfortunately there's a team of agents coming Franklin's way and they know the crew aren't real firemen. Go to the end of the hallway and an agent is in the room to the left. Kill him and move around the corner where two agents are in the next room. Kill them too. In the next corridor are two more agents at the right end. Kill them and move to the stairwell. One agent will be waiting right outside the stairwell door and another will be inside the stairwell so be ready. Kill them and move down. On the next floor get around to the rest of the crew.


Follow the crew by climbing up the rumble pile. They'll make their way across the floor and down. Michael says they will rappel down an elevator shaft so get there. They force open the door and the equipment is rigged. Rappel down the shaft as pieces of the building fall past you. They reach the basement level and decide to get out before the building comes down. Follow the crew up the stairs and out of the building to the fire truck. Michael comments to the other emergency workers that they tried their best but other trucks will be there shortly.

Get in the fire truck and drive to the getaway location you set up. Michael says they need to change since an APB will go out soon for firemen. When you reach the getaway vehicle park the fire truck at least a short distance away. Get out and destroy fire truck however you wish. Make sure the others are clear. With the evidence gone get in the getaway vehicle and go to Lester's house in East LS. Along the way they will discuss what just happened. Inside Lester's house Michael and Franklin celebrate with Lester. Franklin gets some moonshine out and they do a shot. Michael needs to talk with their FIB buddies before getting Trevor back and going forward with the Union Depository. He leaves. Michael calls Dave Norton to tell him it's done and they are out. Dave says they still need to talk. Trevor's Merryweather escapades leave more things to work out. They will meet at Kortz Center.


  • You can't run inside the FIB building during the mopping portion. This part is pretty straight forward so just follow the directions. To get a dirt spot in one go, position Michael's feet near the edge of the spot and try to position him looking at the middle.
  • As the fire department, getting up to the top floor and the first leg of the exit is pretty straight forward. Just follow the crew and do as you are told. You cannot avoid Franklin getting knocked out.
  • Take your time while navigating the burning floors with FIB agents coming to get you. Use cover if needed and aim for their heads.
  • While rappelling it appears that the falling debris cannot actually harm you. Just move down as quickly as possible.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 18:00.
  • Out of Breath - Escape with 40% oxygen remaining.
  • You Missed a Spot - Complete the mopping section within 03:00.
  • Abseiler - Abseil down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds.

Roof Entry

The choice is made to parachute onto the roof.

The Bureau Raid

Shortly after leaving the garment factory, Lester will message Michael that they are ready. Go back up to Lester's office at the factory. He's setting up gas cans around the building while discussing Michael's past decisions which could get him killed during this. Michael doesn't appreciate the straight talk. Franklin arrives and they head out. Get in your car with Franklin and drive to the government facility. Michael says Steve Haines cleared them to use the NOOSE building in Palomino Highlands as a mission base. Franklin comments on Michael's misery and self-centeredness. Michael eventually goes over the plan again with Franklin. They are taking a chopper to high altitude, parachuting down to the FIB building, hacking the system while holding off resistance, and then getting back in the chopper.

When you arrive at the complex Michael will "radio" to the rest of the crew who are already there waiting. They are good to go. Drive into the marker. Michael and Franklin meet with the pilot. If it is still day time they will need to wait until night. On the roof with heist outfits on, the crew gets in the chopper. Michael is told he can fly the first leg and then the pilot will take over when they jump. Get in the helicopter and fly to jump zone. During the flight Michael mentions to the Crew that he is not being paid for this mission. All the payment is going to them but it still may not be worth it for them considering the trouble they will be in. He thanks them and says there will be a more scores down the road. When you get near Downtown LS Franklin points out Lester's factory up in flames which may be difficult to see. Michael thinks Lester doesn't have much faith in this mission.

The marker is quite high up. When you get close enough a cutscene will show Michael give over the helicopter controls and go to the back with his team. He gets ready and pushes the other gunman out with Franklin jumping too. Jump from the chopper and land on the FIB Building rooftop. You don't need to be right on the skylight. If you miss the main roof hopefully you make one of the lower sections and can then climb up a ladder. When all three entry team members are on top a cutscene shows them cut a skylight window and remove it to drop down. The hacker will tell you where the server room is so go there. The door is locked so Michael will need to use explosives. Plant a sticky bomb and back off to blow it. With the door open go inside to the hack the server terminal. The alarm will go off because of the explosion.

Michael gets to a computer and is told the apps to hack it are on his phone which he connects. The computer screen is then shown. Move the mouse and click on "My Computer". Then click "External Device (J:)" on the bottom. Next click "HackConnect.exe". In this first minigame you'll need to move the red highlighted area around the grid of numbers and click when you match the IP address shown up top. The numbers shift every second so you'll need to time it right. Do that and then click "BruteForce.exe". This minigame is similar to a slot machine. Wait for the red number in each column to fall into the green highlighted area. Click to lock it in. You have 1 minute to complete. If you miss you'll need to start all over again. When you complete it click "Down&Out.exe". A download will start. The hacker mentions that security is coming so the team will need to hold them off while the hacker works.

Michael takes cover behind a wall and will stay with the server. You are now able to SWITCH between Michael and Franklin. Shoot the incoming agents which are all over the opposite side of the building. They come from multiple doors on each side of the room and some are on the roof through the skylight. Michael calls for the helicopter to be ready. You can glance at the hacker's progress if you wish. There is a health pack in the room to the right and armor in the room to the left at the far end. After clearing the first wave of agents a cutscene shows the chopper hovering over the roof. The pilot says a FIB chopper has spotted him. The Buzzard fires a missile and hits the getaway chopper. He spins out and crashes into the side of the building.

Back with the entry team, continue to fend off agents. A tactical team will enter so be ready. They will use a smoke screen and try to flank you on both sides. Michael says they'll need to use their backup gear to rappel from the building. When the hacker is done and the remaining agents are dead, a cutscene shows Michael grab his stuff and exit the room. Back in control, escape the FIB building. Grab the armor and health pack if you didn't already.

Free from The Man

The team goes around to a stairwell but a tactical agent is waiting inside. Kill him and move down. Another agent will run up so be ready. Kill him and get down to the next door. Two agents will be waiting on the other side. Kill them and carefully move into the blazing area because there are three more agents in the next hallway with two additional running in from the far end. Michael comments that the sprinklers are making it hard to see but the hacker takes care of that. When all the agents are dead move up and around to the left. A cutscene shows what's left of the chopper and pilot lodged in the windows. When the team approaches the chopper slides out and crashes to the ground. They are too high to rappel down from here so they need to keep moving. The team slides down to the next floor.

Two agents are in the next area. One is trying to open the elevator and another is to the left. Kill them and walk to the left. In the next hallway a medic is trying to revive someone as two more agents wander in overcome by smoke. Kill them. There is a health pack on the ground next to the medic so grab it or SWITCH if the other protagonist needs it (red glow on the SWITCH wheel). Move up and to the left. A single agent is waiting so kill him. Another agent will run in from the next room so kill him too. Keep moving and you'll be met with two agents. Kill them and move into the next hallway where a single agent is waiting and another will run in from around the corner. Go around to the right and two more agents will be around the corner. Kill them and get to the stairwell. Go down to the next floor.


Out of the stairs and to the left are two agents waiting on each side of the wide doorway. Kill them and move over to the window where cutscene shows them look out. This is low enough to rappel from. Michael asks the hacker what's going on and they'll say a lot of law enforcement is coming at them. The team rigs the equipment and you are told to rappel down. Do so as every flashing light in the city approaches. Another Buzzard is flying around and spots the team. When you get onto the next roof look out for it and the fury of bullets it fires. Take down the military gunship however you can and move to the next marker towards the left. The rigs are setup and you are told to continue rappelling down. You'll need to fast rope the last portion.

On the ground, head for the pickup location. Four agents will come towards you so be ready and kill them. Down the stairs are three more agents behind the columns so kill them too. Keep moving and Michael wonders where the getaway vehicle is. If you paid for a good driver they will get his attention from an ambulance parked on the street. A lesser driver will use a van as a getaway vehicle. This will delay their arrival since police blocked off the area which means you'll need to fend off NOOSE officers for a little bit and then continue to fend them off while you escape and lose the attention the hard way. Get in the getaway vehicle and leave the area. Lose police attention if needed. Michael says they are meeting Lester at Franklin's house for a debrief. Drive there. When you arrive Michael tasks the driver with destroying the vehicle and taking the gunman home too. Go inside Franklin's house.

Lester is woken up. They all rejoice with drinks. Michael needs to talk with their FIB buddies before getting Trevor back and going forward with the Union Depository. He leaves. Michael calls Dave Norton to tell him it's done and they are out. Dave says they still need to talk. Trevor's Merryweather escapades leave more things to work out. They will meet at Kortz Center which is northwest of the city.


  • You don't need to actually land in the large roof marker just land on the main roof and not the lower side sections to get the objective.
  • The hacker minigames shouldn't be too much of an issue. Don't rush. For the first game, look at the first number of the IP address and try to quickly find that in the grid. Then move the red highlight to it. The second game gives you a tiny bit of leeway when locking in the letters. Click right as the red letter moves into the green area. Again, don't rush and wait for a letter to come back around if needed.
  • For all the agents ahead, use cover and aim for headshots. There should be plenty of chances. Quick bursts of fire should suffice with your crew helping.
  • Try to move quickly while escaping but be ready for agents popping up around corners.
  • When taking down the Buzzard, aim for the pilot.
  • If you need to escape the law at the end, try to find a train or subway tunnel. Get a ways in and finish off your pursuers before waiting out the rest of the attention.


  • No Innocents - Don't kill any innocent civilians.
  • Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuaracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Perfect Drop - Land perfectly on the main section of the roof.
  • Hacker - Hack the system within 45 seconds.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 19:00.