The Construction Assassination

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The Construction Assassination

Mission Time
No Fly Zone Bonus
Money Earned
Lester has some important work for Franklin. All he needs to do is play with stock prices using a gun.

Rewards: Up to $10000
Protagonists: Franklin

Lowest Bidder

Franklin answers a public phone in East LS - a small block away from Lester's garment factory. Lester says the next target is Enzo Bonelli who is a mafia guy turned real estate developer. He has used his mafia ways to get on half the city's building contracts which is crippling the wages of all the city's construction workers. Lester has an interest in Gold Coast Development so Franklin will take out Bonelli. He's at the construction site in Downtown LS but the problem is Lester's source squealed and Bonelli has beefed up his personal security. Be prepared.


Go to the construction site. Bonelli is shown quite upset about the price on his head and tells one of his guards he is staying with the chopper. Get to the rooftop. There are guards scattered around the site but they won't show up on your radar until they are alerted to your presence. Fight your way to the elevator on the southwest corner of the main building. Get in it and activate the button to go up. When it stops you will be greeted by more guards. A health pack is on the wall to your right. Get over to the next elevator on the northwest corner and activate it. On the roof is a final wave of guards and Bonelli gets into a helicopter with a couple of them. One guard is up on the crane. Kill them all.

When they are all dead either grab one of the parachutes lying around and jump or take the elevators back down to leave the area. Franklin will call Lester to confirm the kill. They need to lay low for a little bit.


  • Invest in Gold Coast (LCN GCD) before starting this mission or immediately after. This mission will increase the value. Keep an eye on your stocks afterward and sell them off as necessary.
  • You can only get through the ground level without being spotted. Unfortunately stealth isn't very stealthy in this mission (in a stupid manner at times). If you get close to any of the guards for a stealth kill they will still alert the others. Even if you manage to get away with it at first Franklin will yell and blow his own cover.
  • The only way to get through the ground level without being spotted is to take out the guards from a distance with a single headshot. The easiest approach is to take out the guard next to the elevator (stand in the middle of the road to the west) and climb over the fence to the elevator.
  • There is no accuracy or headshot objective so don't worry too much about your shots once guns start blazing.
  • If you are quick on the rooftop, you can kill Bonelli before he gets in the chopper. Taking down the chopper is the priority since once Bonelli is dead you can exit the area. Of course the guards near you can pose a problem and need to be taken care of too.
  • Shoot the helicopter down with a gun to get the objective. Aim for the pilot to take it down a little quicker.


  • Mission Time - Time taken to complete mission. Not really an objective.
  • No Fly Zone Bonus - Shoot down the target's helicopter.
  • Money Earned - Money earned from the hit. Not really an objective.

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