Finale & Decisions

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Finale & Decisions

After all Franklin has been through it's time for him to make a decision about his path in life. The choice is up to you.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Franklin (start, job), Michael and Trevor (Option C job only)

Shit gets real

Franklin is at home when his doorbell rings. He answers it and finds Devin Weston outside - apparently in the middle of a neighborhood jog. The only thing Franklin wants to talk about is the money for the cars. Weston brushes off his comments as usual and Franklin comes to realize that Weston's death wish is for someone else. The investment guru lets himself inside and rants how Michael messed up his life and Franklin's too. Franklin says the feds want him to kill Trevor. Weston is not worried about Steve Haines or Dave Norton. One phone call and their careers are over. Weston gives three options to Franklin:

  • A: Listen to $50k a year pension hunters
  • B: Listen to a billionaire who fingers the president's wife
  • C: Be stupid by helping both mentors and piss off everyone else

Time is ticking but for now Franklin kicks out Weston. Franklin can think about it while Weston prepares for a triathlon. The door is slammed and you are put back in control of Franklin. Your phone pops up and the choices are displayed. You need to choose. Pick one and confirm it. Franklin will make a phone call and another mission marker will appear depending on the choice. You are free to change character and/or complete remaining side missions before going to that mission marker.

A: Kill Trevor

Franklin calls Trevor and says they need to talk somewhere quiet. Trevor suggests an empty lot in El Burro. Franklin then calls Michael to break the news. Michael might be able to help but it's more Franklin's thing. Drive out to the new mission marker in Southeast Los Santos (south of the FIB lot) to continue.

Something Sensible

After nightfall Trevor meets with Franklin who is hiding a gun behind his back. Trevor thinks Franklin is Michael's peacekeeper but says he doesn't want to make peace with Michael - not right now, at least. Franklin pulls the gun out and tells Trevor he likes him but he'll get everyone killed. Trevor says he's been true with Franklin the whole time. He speeds off in his truck. Chase after Trevor. He ends up weaving through traffic on the freeway out of the city before turning off near the NOOSE building. Trevor heads back into the oil fields when Michael calls Franklin. He's not far away and tells Franklin to stop Trevor.


When Trevor reaches some buildings a cutscene shows Michael speeding through after him. Michael catches up and rams Trevor into a fuel trailer which begins to spill out onto Trevor's truck. Trevor falls out into the volatile puddle while cursing all the Judas people around him. You are told to put him down. Either shoot him or shoot the fuel. If you don't then Michael will. Either way Trevor burns alive before the trailer explodes. Michael and Franklin walk away. Michael rants about Trevor's craziness. Even assholes like Michael have limits. With nothing else to say the two part ways. From a short distance Franklin says the whole thing was educational. Michael tells him that surviving is winning. Whatever it takes. Franklin continues to walk off as Don't Come Close by Yeasayer starts playing and the credits roll. The psychiatric report can be viewed afterwards.


Later Lester messages Michael and Franklin that Trevor is off the grid so he split Trevor's share of the gold money between them for safe keeping. The money comes through right afterwards. Ron emails Michael basically saying he doesn't like Michael for killing Trevor. Lester messages Franklin that he knows what Franklin did and isn't necessarily happy. He wants to move on and never mention it again. Eventually Jimmy calls Franklin about Trevor's death. He was like an uncle to Jimmy even though he was crazy. Michael emails Franklin saying it was the only choice. Franklin is still his friend and he wants to hang out sometime.


  • Do your best to follow Trevor. He shouldn't get away too easily.
  • Even if Michael kills Trevor you'll still get the objective.


  • Judas! - Kill Trevor

B: Kill Michael

Franklin calls Michael and says they need to talk somewhere quiet. Michael suggests near the big satellite dishes off Route 68. Franklin then calls Trevor to break the news. Surprisingly Trevor gets upset with Franklin for turning on Michael. He has enough traitors in his life and says they deserve each other. Drive out to the new mission marker in Blaine County (actually near the wind farm) to continue.

The Time's Come

After nightfall Michael meets with Franklin who says things aren't good right now. Michael gets a phone call from Amanda. Tracey got into college which Michael thinks is great. He hangs up and tells Franklin that Amanda wants him to come over for dinner one day. He then talks about how his life is finally working out. Things are good but Franklin doesn't seem to think so. Michael figures out that Franklin wants to kill him and takes off. Chase after Michael. He ends up on the train tracks and overtakes a short moving train. There's a tight bridge ahead so Franklin won't make it. Stay behind the train and continue to follow Michael off the main line into the power station.


Michael stops his car off to the right and heads up onto a walkway. Either go up the same stairs or follow him from below. He has a head start and gets lost easily. Go to Michael's last known location on the second level. A cutscene shows Michael up on the third level shooting at Franklin. Back in control continue to follow Michael who will keep shooting back at you before moving on. Avoid the bullets however you can. Eventually Michael climbs up an exhaust tower. Make your way to the higher platform. In a cutscene Michael and Franklin exchange smack talk and chase each other around the tower. Eventually Franklin jumps Michael and the gun is thrown off. Franklin gets in a few hits before Michael pushes him off and gets up. He tells Franklin how he treated him well - like family. Franklin rushes him and pushes him off the platform but grabs his arm.

You are now given a choice to drop Michael or save him. If you choose to save him Franklin pulls Michael up. When he gets close enough Michael headbutts Franklin causing him to let go. Either way Michael falls to his death. Even though it's what he wanted, Franklin is taken back by the outcome. On the ground Franklin calls Lamar and leaves a voicemail about how he knows he hasn't been a great friend due to the stuff going on but it's over. Franklin walks off as Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974 starts playing and the credits roll. The psychiatric report can be viewed afterwards.


Later Dave Norton emails Trevor to admit he was the one writing the letters as Brad. Trevor's secrets are safe with him. Dave also tells him to calm down and stop being a crazy freak so people won't try to kill him. Lester messages Trevor and Franklin to say that Michael is dead for real this time and his share of the gold money was transferred to his family. The money from that job comes through right afterwards. Ron messages Trevor that he dropped off something cool by his trailer. It turns out to be a special Blazer. Lester messages Franklin that he did what he had to do. He wants to move on and never mention it again. Franklin calls Devin Weston to confirm Michael was killed so he wants the FIB off his back for not choosing Trevor. Weston says it's been done and that he has no more uses for Franklin. Try going to business school. Jimmy calls Franklin looking for his dad but Franklin says he has no idea. Amanda emails Franklin saying that she knows Franklin had something to do with her husband's death. She's not very happy. Trevor then emails Franklin asking if he did it. If you respond to either email Franklin says someone else did it. Jimmy will call back exclaiming that his dad is dead. Franklin continues to deny involvement but Jimmy might know he did.


  • You can't kill Michael early.
  • Stay behind the train. You won't lose anything.
  • There's plenty of cover to hide behind while Michael fires at you.
  • The choice to drop him or not doesn't matter.


  • Surpassed the Mentor - Kill Michael

C: Deathwish

Franklin calls Lester and says they need to talk. Everyone has a problem and Lester can help. Lester tells Franklin to meet at his house. Drive there and go inside to speak with Lester to continue.

The Third Way

Franklin fills in Lester about the situation. Lester's first bit of advice is to kill Michael then Trevor. Franklin doesn't like that advice but Lester really doesn't know what to do in this situation. They are all screwed. Lester thinks a little more and comes up with a plan. Steve Haines is under a lot of pressure from the Kortz Center incident. Devin Weston is good friends with the CEO of Merryweather and even owns 11% of the company's shares. Both would love to rescue the stolen gold so if Lester tells both sides where it is being melted down then both might send people there. An ambush will take care of business. Lester will call Michael and Trevor. Franklin will go to the foundry in Murrieta Heights to get set up. Franklin leaves and Lester gets to work. Outside the house Franklin calls Lamar. He needs the help of his friend and will pick him up. Drive to Lamar's house. Get Lamar and then drive to the foundry. Franklin gives a quick rundown about saving Michael and Trevor. Lamar is surprised that Franklin is actually doing something for his friends. Lamar is in - especially if they are getting back at Devin Weston.

When you arrive at the foundry Franklin tells Lamar to keep watch outside. He agrees and you are told to enter the foundry. Walk into the "Security Entrance" door on the right and make your way to the back. A health pack is on the wall as you enter the control room. When you get near the back Michael and Trevor are arguing about who is setting up who with guns pointed at each other. A cutscene shows Franklin try to break them up. Lamar calls Franklin to announce the arrival of the rival forces. Trevor finally takes down his gun and asks Franklin where to go. Franklin points him to the other side of the foundry. Michael will stay put with sniper. Franklin is going to slide over. Franklin walks over to his position while Trevor gets on top of the security control room just as tactical FIB agents enter under him. Franklin tells Michael they need to wait.

When the agents get to the middle of the floor you are put back in control of Franklin with the ability to SWITCH to the others. Ambush the FIB agents when you are ready. A second team will enter from the south across from Trevor. Kill them all. Now Merryweather will appear on the cat walk along the south side followed by more across from Trevor. The game suggests a SWITCH to Michael for the ones on the catwalk and then Trevor for the ones across the room. Do so if you wish and take out the enemies. Now a third team of Merryweather will come from the same door across from Trevor as well as more FIB agents from under him. Both factions will actually shoot at each other, aiding your fight. Kill them. A fourth team of FIB agents will come through the far doorway after that. Lamar says he's been spotted and needs help. Michael says him and Trevor got this so Franklin will go to Lamar's aid.


SWITCH to Franklin and go to Lamar back outside the security door. Another team of FIB agents appears across from Trevor who shouldn't have too much issue keeping them away from you. Get outside and join Lamar's fight against even more FIB agents. They are all over the next building with reinforcements coming around the left. Wipe them out. Michael tries to contact Trevor but can't. He asks Franklin to check on him but Franklin and Lamar are busy. Michael needs to do it.

SWITCH to Michael and rescue Trevor who is still on the other side of the foundry. Clear the floor of FIB agents and start making your way across. Additional FIB agents come through the far door across from Trevor so be ready and take them out. You'll find Trevor in cover next to the security booth. Michael asks what happened but Trevor says he just needed a break. At least Michael cared enough to come get him. More FIB agents appear through the doorway and up on the catwalk followed by another team through the doors. Kill them all. Franklin is battling endless enemies outside. Trevor and Michael start making their way to exits.

Trevor takes the high road up onto the catwalk and Michael takes the low road out the side door. If you start heading either way the game will SWITCH you if needed to keep each character going the right way. You can now SWITCH between all three characters. Michael and Trevor take one side of the building and Franklin stays with Lamar on the other side. Whichever side you choose, when you clear out the area go over to the others and help finish that side. For Michael grab the health pack sitting on a tool chest in the small room if needed. Then go outside the door as a Merryweather vehicle flies past you and another stops but fires back towards Franklin. Kill him and then go around to the left where others are fighting in a small rail yard. Merryweather and FIB agents are distracted by each other so start killing whoever you can. Trevor is up high helping from there. When most of the enemies are dead a Merryweather Buzzard flies in. Take it down however you can. Next two more Merryweather vehicles drive in from the east. Kill them all. For Franklin start wiping out the remaining FIB agents. A final FIB vehicle will drive in so kill the two agents in that too. When all enemies around the building are dead regroup in front of the main doors.


Michael, Trevor, and Franklin know it isn't completely over. They start walking away along the train tracks while formulating a plan. Many "friends" are still around including Steve Haines, Dave Norton (Michael says Norton needs to live), Wei Cheng, Stretch (real name Harold Joseph), and lastly Devin Weston. The crew needs to clean house. Franklin calls Lester who needs to get locations on those people. Haines is shooting his TV show at Del Perro Pier. Trevor gets excited and drives off for him. Stretch is over at the B.J. Smith Recreation Center. Michael will take him to avoid known associates. Tao Cheng's credit card just appeared at a club in Pacific Bluffs. Franklin will connect with him and get to the father. Lester will send out info about Weston's location when he gets it. You are left in control of Franklin but can SWITCH between all three. After killing the designated target you will need to SWITCH to another protagonist to continue on to the next one.


  • Franklin/Cheng - Drive to Pacific Bluffs and get rid of Mr. Cheng. Franklin calls Lamar to thank him for the help and to lay low while they tie up some loose ends. When you get out to the location three vehicles are loading up with people including Wei Cheng. They'll start driving north on the highway but kill them all whenever you wish and however you can. Of course the others in the convoy will have plenty of fire power so be ready. When they are all dead lose the cops if needed. Franklin informs the others. Trevor won't have anyone to sell superweapons to anymore but oh well.
  • Michael/Stretch - Drive to South LS and take out Stretch. He's on a basketball court with some Ballas as others walk about the rec center. Wipe them out. Of course all the gang members around you have weapons so be ready. A car with more Ballas will drive around nearby so kill the two in that as well. When they are all dead Michael informs Franklin.
  • Trevor/Haines - Drive out to the Del Perro Pier and bring down Haines. Trevor calls Ron to give him the news about Cheng's future. Ron says they'll have no one left to stop them from being rich. At the pier, Haines and a cameraman are up on the Ferris wheel. Trevor tells Lester to patch in the radio mic so he has a last reminder of the annoyance. After a cutscene showing Haines try to get lines out, you are put back in control of Trevor. You are told not to get too close which means you'll need to use long range weaponry. The Ferris wheel is now moving so keep that in mind. Kill him however you wish. You'll now have a 2 star wanted level with cops nearby. Escape the law and Trevor asks Lester about Devin. Lester says a Merryweather team was dispatched to his house in the Tongva Hills. Trevor will start going that way.

When all three targets are dead SWITCH back to Trevor if needed and drive to Devin's house. When you get there a cutscene shows guards everywhere and Devin Weston by the pool. You are told to kidnap Devin. Get around while taking out the Merryweather guards either quietly using stealth and/or suppressed weapons or just start killing them with loud weapons. Either way kill them all and get to Devin. He can be found by the pool hiding in a box talking on the phone about how all of Merryweather's operatives are dead. A cutscene shows him get knocked out and put in the trunk of a classic Tornado car. Now drive out to the rendezvous point. Trevor informs the others of the location in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Eventually Devin wakes up and provides some conversation during the ride. Reach the marker and Trevor will need to wait for the others to arrive - no sense letting one person have all the fun with Devin.

As the sun sets Michael and then Franklin arrive. The trunk is opened and they have a one sided discussion with Devin. Michael makes a small rant about Devin's business practices including outsourcing an underpaid private army and sending profits offshore. When they've said enough the trunk is closed and the three grab the vehicle. Back in control of all three, push the car off the cliff. It crashes down into the water and explodes. Now they all get to lay low as flawed, awful, uncomfortable, and poorly matched friends. After discussing capitalism and therapy, Franklin says he's afraid of the whole middle aged thing and heads out. Michael tells Trevor he's getting too old for this stuff and drives away in his car. Trevor is left by the cliffs and walks off as The Set Up by Favored Nations starts playing and the credits roll. The psychiatric report can be viewed afterwards.


Later the money from the stolen gold is entered in each character's bank account. Dave Norton emails Trevor to admit he was the one writing the letters as Brad. Trevor's secrets are safe with him. Dave also tells him to calm down and stop being a crazy freak so people won't try to kill him. Ron messages Trevor that he dropped off something cool by his trailer. It turns out to be a special Blazer. Lamar emails Franklin that what they did was real. Franklin finally learned something and is ready to act like a man. Michael also emails Franklin hoping he learned something - even if it's how not to grow old. They are friends for life. Dave Norton emails Michael hoping he will stay out of trouble. Donald Percival, CEO of Merryweather, then emails Michael. He won't be making friends with Michael and his buddies because of the trouble they caused but they at least allowed him to buy back Devin's shares at a severe discount since the stock price dropped. Later on Dave calls to check up on Michael. Everything is good on both ends.


  • Explosives can be useful at the foundry to take out groups of enemies. There are some explosive objects around the area too. Outside where Franklin and Lamar take on the FIB you can shoot a large white propane tank to the left of the next building which can take out a whole group of agents.
  • There is plenty of cover for all factions in and around the foundry. Wait for enemies to pop out of cover and aim for headshots.
  • Kill the helicopter pilot to take down the Buzzard quickly.
  • Remember Michael's special ability. Trevor's can be useful as well.
  • For Franklin/Cheng: Buy sticky bombs on your way out to Pacific Bluffs. Note if you replay this mission to get the objective, Franklin may not have sticky bombs or enough money to purchase them.
  • For Michael/Stretch: You can run right up to Stretch and beat him to death with a fist. He'll be firing a pistol at you (you may want to purchase armor before going after him) but at least the Ballas will run away initially. Once Stretch is dead they'll begin firing at you so equip a better weapon and have at it.
  • For Trevor/Haines: Best position I found was the first little blue building just past the entrance to the parking lot (so third building in overall). There's a small walkway on top. Climb up and get to the far north side of the walkway. Equip a sniper and aim at the Ferris wheel. Haines and the cameraman start near the top. If you are quick you can snipe Haines in the head while he is to the left of the wheel structure. Otherwise you'll need to wait for him to get lower and the wheel structure will move to the left of him. When he's dead climb down, get in your vehicle, and drive west down some stairs to the pathway. Escape the cops by driving either direction on the pathway or out onto the beach. When the heat is lost head to Devin Weston.
  • For Trevor/Devin: A suppressed pistol is a great weapon for this part but if you just want to get it done quickly fire away with whatever weapon and let the enemies show themselves. The first enemy is walking along the front of the house towards the left. He stops at some point when you get near. The next one to get is off to the right in the driveway. Now go back to the left and one enemy is at the bottom of the stairs looking out over the cliff. Follow that path around and the next guy is at the top of another stair set. Go up and another is along the balcony. Yet another is further down along the balcony. Now there is one enemy left down by the pool near Devin Weston.
  • There's no vehicle damage objective but you still need to get the Tornado with Devin out to the cliffs quickly without damaging the car too much.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 21:30.
  • Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Stick, Tick... Boom! - Kill Cheng with a sticky bomb.
  • Lead Lobotomy - Kill Steve Haines with a headshot.
  • Stretched Out - Kill Stretch with a melee attack.

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