Practice Swing

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Tony's stressed because he agreed to sell his clubs to two different people at the same time.

Meeting Rocco At The Driving Range

You need to make your way to the Driving Range on the pier. Follow your GPS and park in the space when you get there.

After the cutscene, you'll be told to hit golf balls at the guy strapped to the golf cart. You can hold the shoot button to zoom the camera into the course, then tap sprint once to start the shot. Push sprint again when the meter reaches the black mark to take a perfect shot. If you miss the black mark, you'll either hit the ball too far or too near depending on whether you're over or under. You can counter this by aiming the ball further or nearer beforehand.

Right In The Nuts

Once you hit the golf cart guy, Rocco will move the cart, so you need to re-position and aim for him again. Swing away until you hit him in the nuts again, then Rocco will move the cart again. Hit him one last time then a cutscene will kick in where a bunch of guys start drive-bying Rocco. Once that's over, drop down from the driving range and take cover behind the golf cart. There are three vehicles full of enemies to take out. Lock onto them and pick them off one by one, and if you have any grenades, you can use them to take out two of the cars.

Once everyone is dead you'll need to get in the golf cart with Tony and follow Rocco out of the course and along the waterfront. He'll be chased by a car which will eventually crash and incinerate all of it's occupants. Keep following Rocco and eventually he'll pull over, so park next to him.

After the cutscene, make your way back to Tony's apartment.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1500

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 04:00
  • Player Damage: 50%
  • Headshots: 11
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • 100% Golf Accuracy

Mission 100% Completion Tips

The most difficult objective on this mission is probably going to be the golf. Not only do you need to get 3 hits with only three shots, but you need to do it as quickly as you can to stay within the time limit. Luckily there's no vehicle damage limit, so the driving parts can be done flat out. Getting eleven headshots shouldn't be too hard either, just use a pistol or something similar which can be used from long range and aim for the enemies heads. Doing this will also keep your accuracy good, but make sure you don't fire any shots once they're dead to save your accuracy. Because you're in cover behind the golf cart, your damage should be minimal.