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Rewards For Completion
Drug Wars
10 Drug Wars completed - .44 delivered to safehouse.
20 Drug Wars completed - Advanced MG delivered to safehouse.
30 Drug Wars completed - Explosive Shotgun delivered to safehouse.
40 Drug Wars completed - Sticky Bombs delivered to safehouse.
50 Drug Wars completed - Gold SMG delivered to safehouse.

Base Jumps
All Base Jumps completed - Parachute delivered to safehouse.

All 50 Seagulls exterminated - APC available at Yusuf's building site.

Story Based Rewards
Story Mode Complete - Gold Buzzard available from Yusuf's helipad.
Story Mode Complete - Gold Super Drop Diamond available from Yusuf.
Story Mode Complete - APC available from Henrique.
Story Mode Complete - Gold SMG available from Armando's gun van.
Complete first Club Management job - Black Manager Suit unlocked at safehouse.
100% Completion of game - Ammo capacity removed.