Chinese Takeout

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Tony wants you to head to a place called Dragon Heart Plaza in Chinatown.

An Angry Chinaman And A Shootout

Make your way to Chinatown in Tony's car. Once you arrive, you'll see a cutscene where Billy (from The Lost biker gang) discusses things with a Chinese associate. Once he's left, Tony and Luis walk in, and after a conversation where the Chinese guy pulls a gun on Luis - before Luis knocks him out cold in one punch - you're told that the rest of the Chinese guys are coming after you. The objective now is to simply make your way back to ground level and escape the building, but to do that you'll have to go one hallway at a time, clearing out the gang members.

Slowly Does It

The first enemy to kill will pop his head around the doorway. As by default, Luis will be in cover against the wall. This is the best way to avoid taking damage, and I recommend you do this around every corner as you make your way down the stairs.

You've got P-90 submachine gun which will kill with one shot to the head. Really all you need to do is keep moving through the halls, taking cover around the corners and picking off the enemies one by one. Grab the ammo as you go along because the dead Chinese dudes will drop tons of it, and continue to make your way down through the various levels.

I strongly suggest you stay in cover, as after 2 levels or so, one of the enemies will start to throw grenades at you, and you don't want to be caught in the blast. You'll also find some body armor, which frankly you can't really miss on the stairs, a few floors down.

Keep an eye on your radar which will show where the enemies are via red dots, but if you stay in cover, most of the time you should be able to go slow and take out the enemies one by one.

Once you reach the bottom floor, kill the few remaining bad guys then move through the doors and get in the car. Wait a few seconds for Tony to get there, then drive him a few blocks to his apartment.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1000

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 05:20
  • Player Damage: 10%
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • 100% Headshots

Mission 100% Completion Tips

There's no damage limit for the vehicle, so drive flat out on the driving parts of the mission and don't worry about crashing, although big smashes will probably slow you down more than driving safely so be careful. For the other objectives, I suggest switching to the pistol. It only fires one bullet at a time, so your accuracy will improve, and it'll still kill in one shot in the head. Then just make sure you aim for the head on the enemies. Stay in cover and lean around to kill enemies, but if they constantly stay behind cover, I recommend moving towards them and locking on. If you take any damage, use the Sprunk or e-Cola machines to refill your health, and grab the two pieces of body armor. One is on the top floor in the half finished room, the other is on the stairs a few floors down. Don't hang about too long though because time is pretty important.