Frosting On The Cake

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Tony wants you to drive Evan to the docks in Broker where he's going to buy some diamonds from a chef.

Two Million Dollars Worth Of Diamonds

Make your way over the bridge to Broker and down to the docks near the large ship where the meet is taking place, while enjoying Evan's conversation.

Bombs Away

After the cutscene you'll be sticking out of the sunroof of the limo while someone else drives. You're in control of a bunch of sticky bombs. You're actually given about 15 (plus whatever you already had) to start with, but if you run out you'll be given more. You need to throw bombs at the groups of bikers who chase you. This part of the mission is on rails, so all you need to do is keep throwing bombs and detonating them.

The first group of bikers are to the right from where you start. Two or three well placed bombs will take them out. After that, you'll have a lone biker in front of you, and then about five or six who will chase after you from the right. Throw a few bombs on the road behind your car then detonate them. A few should be enough to take out this group of bikers. Remember you can detonate the bombs almost as soon as you've thrown them if you need to. Always try to aim the bombs in front of the bikers on the road, rather than directly at them, as they'll end up missing.

The next group of bikers is in front of your car. Throw a bomb or two at the truck, and then use another bomb or two to clean up any remaining chasers. Following that, a few more bikers will appear from the right (assuming you're facing backwards). Once they're dead, the next group of bikers will also come from an alleyway to the right.

Kill them then face forwards where you'll need to take out a biker truck. Once the limo reaches the top of the road you'll see a large police roadblock which you need to destroy. A well placed bomb will cause a cutscene where an Armored Personnel Carrier will come after you.

Stick two or three bombs to the APC to blow it up, then face forwards to kill a few bikers. A helicopter will also be alongside you, so stick a bomb to that and blow it out of the sky.

Lose The Cops

Once the car reaches the end of the bridge the driver will be killed, so Luis will take over. You need to drive around and lose the cops. Continuing straight forward for three or four blocks should more or less be enough to lose them depending on where the cops are.

Once you've lost them, head back to Hercules with Tony, while listening to him explain that Evan updated his social networking profile right before he was apparently killed by the bikers.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $3500

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 05:45
  • Player Damage: 50%
  • Bomb Accuracy
  • Escape Cops Time: 0:35

Mission 100% Completion Tips

For the mission timer, just make sure you get to the docks as quick as you can. There's no vehicle damage objective, so smash into whatever the hell you want as long as you get there quick. The Player Damage objective is based really on how accurate you are with your bombs. If you kill the enemies before they can get close enough to shoot you then you'll be alright. I believe the bomb accuracy may be awarded just for finishing the mission, but I'd recommend not spamming too many of them. I definitely used about 35 when I completed the mission however and still got this objective checked off. Escaping the cops shouldn't take long at all if you keep driving straight forward at full speed, then just get to the club as quickly as possible.