Boulevard Baby

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Tony needs you to get with a girl called Monique in the Bahama Mamas night club for Rocco so that you can get at her boyfriend.

Dance The Night Away

Drive around the block to Bahama Mamas and enter the club. Head down the stairs and onto the dancefloorwhere you'll meet Monique.

You can read the on screen instructions on how to dance, however really all you need to do is move the analog sticks in different directions in tune with the music. Then you can hold both the trigger buttons when you're told to hold, and hold the analog sticks in a position for additional points. Basically keep this up until the meter is full.

Once you've impressed the girl dancing, she'll take you into the back and give you a blowjob. Half way through, Monique's boyfriend, who was supposed to be in Venturas, turns up and punches her for cheating on him.

After the cutscene you need to kill the boyfriend, then escape the club alive. Shoot the boyfriend in the head, then make your way through the door. There'll be one guard just inside there, and about 5 or 6 in the main club area. Lock onto them with a machine gun and take them out quickly. If you lose health, there's a health pack in the room you started.

Kill all of the guards then run back out the way you came in and up the stairs. As you go up the stairs watch out for two enemies who will shoot at you. Once they're all dead, run out of the club and run (or drive if you can find a vehicle) at least a block away.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $3000

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 03:10
  • Player Damage: 40%
  • Groove On
  • Good Guy

Mission 100% Completion Tips

When driving, go flat out, also if you turn around from the start of the mission, you can save a long detour which will take you in the complete opposite direction. When dancing, make use of the hold bonus points. Hold the directions on the analog sticks and don't let go while tapping the trigger buttons. Then once the hold part is over, start moving them up and down, left and right in time with the music. Direction does not matter. Completing the dance part of the mission will complete the Groove On objective. Kill only the enemy bouncers to complete the Good Guy objective. As for the health and time limit, move quickly and lock onto the enemies to kill them. You'll only lock onto bad guys, so use a sub-machine gun to take out the enemies quickly and efficiently. There's no accuracy rating required, so spray those bullets and run the hell out of there.