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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Characters

Check out the crazy people you'll meet in Vice City Stories.

Victor Vance

Victor Vance is the protagonist of Vice City Stories. At the start of the game, Vic is a U.S. Army Corporal stationed at Fort Baxter in Vice City, but recieves a dishonorable discharge after retrieving drugs and a prostitute under orders of his superior officer Sgt. Jerry Martinez. Soon after, Vic is forced to turn to crime to support his family, eventually becoming a powerful figure in Vice City until the end of the game.

Voice Actor: Dorian Missick

Lance Vance

Victor's younger brother, Lance Vance convinces Vic to work with him near the start of the game. Not long after that, Lance unknowingly has Vic working for an under cover cop whom they later kidnap in order to find out where several drug deals in the city are taking place. Lance is later able to successfully steal a large amount of drugs, which he eventually convinces Vic to start selling. Lance endangers himself several times throughout the game, prompting Vic to save him.

Voice Actor: Phillip Michael Thomas

Sgt. Jerry Martinez

Jerry Martinez is the main antagonist of Vice City Stories. Jerry is responsible for Vic's dishonorable discharge from the army at the beginning of the game, letting Vic take the fall for drugs and a prostitute that Vic procured for him. Martinez works for the Mendez Cartel later in the game, watching over a drug shipment that is later stolen by Vic and Lance, who blame Martinez. Fearing retaliation from the Mendez Brothers following the theft, Martinez enters witness protection. Martinez meets his doom in the final mission of the game in a three-way shootout between Vic, Diego Mendez, and himself.

Voice Actor: Felix Solis

The Mendez Brothers

Armando and Diego Mendez are the leaders of the Vice City's biggest Cartel. A shipment of theirs is stolen by Vic and Lance, who save themselves from death by claiming that Jerry Martinez stole it, although they still end up working for them. Armando later kidnaps Lance and Louise, and is subsequently killed by Vic. Diego is killed in a shootout between Vic, Jerry Martinez, and himself.

Voice Actor (Armando): Yul Vazquez
Voice Actor (Diego): Ruben Trujillo

Ricardo Diaz

Up-and-coming drug lord Ricardo Diaz is an ally of Victor Vance. He enlists Vic to help him build his empire in exchange for protecting Vic and Lance from the Mendez brothers. Upon Vic's killing of both Armando and Diego Mendez, Diaz successfully becomes the most powerful drug lord in Vice City, until 1986...

Voice Actor: Luis Guzmán

Louise Cassidy-Williams

Vice City trailer park resident Louise Cassidy-Williams is the wife of Trailer Park Mafia leader Marty Jay Williams, and mother of the only baby ever seen in the Grand Theft Auto series. Louise is Vic's love interest in the game, though any possibility of an actual relationship is cut short when Louise is kidnapped and killed by Armando Mendez.

Louise Cassidy-Williams was voiced by Chelsey Rives

Umberto Robina

Umberto Robina is the leader of a Cuban gang called Los Cabrones. Umberto employs Vic to get rid of a rival gang called the Cholos, a task in which he is successful seeing as how the Cholos are nowhere to be found in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Voice Actor: Danny Trejo

Phil Cassidy

Phil Cassidy is an arms dealer and is the brother of Louise Cassidy-Williams and Mary-Jo Williams. He is also the owner of a shooting range in Viceport. Phil gives Vic Vance his first residence in Vice City (aside from Vic's Air Base bunk before his discharge), a flat that was ridden with Cholos members before Vic killed them.

Voice Actor: Gary Busey

Marty J. Williams

Trailer Park Mafia leader Marty Jay Williams is the abusive husband of Louise Cassidy-Williams and controls almost all of the criminal activity in Vice City's more impoverished areas. When Louise tries to leave Marty, he kidnaps her but is killed by Vic before he can get Louise to the brothel he plans to trick her out in.

Voice Actor: Jim Burke

Bryan Forbes

Bryan Forbes is a corrupt DEA agent whom Lance gets involved with while working his way into the criminal underworld of Vice City. Lance is unaware that Forbes is an undercover agent, and Vic and Lance find themselves in trouble after he leads them into several traps with false information on drug deals that are supposedly going on around the city. While Vic and Lance are trapped at a gay white supremacist bar Forbes sends them to, he somehow escapes from the warehouse he's being kept in, but the Vic and Lance chase him down and he is killed by Vic.

Voice Actor: Dan Oreskes

Reni Wassulmaier

Reni Wassulmaier is a film director and owner of the Prawn Island film studio. Reni is a transsexual and has her(?) fourth sex change at the end of her(?) mission strand. Reni is alleged to have had sex with Phil Collins' manager Barry, Diego Mendez, Lance, and Ricardo Diaz.

Voice Actor: Barbara Rosenblat


Gonzalez is Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez' disloyal right hand man. Gonzalez regularly steals a small amount of all of Cortez' drug shipments to sell for himself, cementing his status as treacherous swine. Ricardo Diaz finds out what Gonzalez is doing, and keeps quiet about it in exchange for Gonzalez telling him about all of Cortez' shipments.

Voice Actor: N/A

Phil Collins

Phil Collins is the first real-life celebrity to appear in Grand Theft Auto. Phil and Vic meet when he is recruited by Phil's manager Barry. Barry owes three million dollars to the Forellis, and as a result they put a hit out on Phil, and Vic must fend off Phil's attackers on two different occasions, once during one of Phil's concerts.

Voice Actor: Himself

Barry Mickelthwaite

Barry Mickelthwaite is Phil Collins' manager. He owes the Forellis a three million dollar debt, resulting in Giorgio Forelli putting a hit out on his client, Phil.

Voice Actor: Timothy Spall

Mary-Jo Cassidy

Mary-Jo Cassidy is the sister of Phil Cassidy and Louise Cassidy-Williams. Mary-Jo is extremely jealous of Louise and her relationship with Vic, and is even jealous when Armando Mendez kidnaps Louise instead of her. She presumably takes custody of Louise's daughter Mary Beth when Louise dies, as her last wish was for her sister to take care of her child.

Voice Actor: Cathy Trien

Alberto Robina

Alberto Robina is the father of Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina. He appears in a mission in which Vic must drive him to Umberto's cafe while under attack from the Cholos without Alberto having a heart attack.

Voice Actor: N/A

Janet Vance

Janet Vance is Vic's mother. Janet is a drug addict, and as a result Vic and his brothers were raised by their Aunt Enid rather than her. She tells Vic that she is trying to get clean, but later steals a large quantity of cocaine from her sons.

Voice Actor: Linda Ashe


Frankie is Reni Wassulmaier's assistant. Reni fires him for not spanking her(?).

Voice Actor: Garth Kravits

Mary-Beth Williams

Mary Beth is Louise Cassidy-Williams' baby, and is the first child to appear in the Grand Theft Auto series. She falls under the care of Louise's sister, Mary-Jo, after Louise dies.

Voice Actor: N/A