Staunton Island

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Grand Theft Auto III - Staunton Island

Staunton Island is the busy center of Liberty City, with plenty of businesses and offices in it's skyscraper filled skyline.

Staunton is full of a number of different gangs, including the Yardies, Columbian Cartel and the Yakuza.

It's home to some of the major players in Liberty City, such as Donald Love, an entrepreneur who has been instrumental in building the city into what it is. Kenji Casen, a casino owner and leader of the Yakuza and Ray Machowski, a bent cop to name but a few.

The city features a single hospital and police station, but also contains an underground subway. Other noteable landmarks include a construction site, the Liberty City Cocks football stadium, Belleville Park and the busy section of downtown. The various docks around the city are useful for grabbing a boat.