Shoreside Vale

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Grand Theft Auto III - Shoreside Vale

Shoreside Vale is the largest of Liberty City's three islands and isn't particularly bad for gang activity... Until our protagonist Claude arrives there anyway...

The city features the huge airport, crammed with jumps for those in fast cars, and a plane with no wings for those with the talent to fly it. Also in Shoreside Vale is the great Cochrane Dam, and a garage which collects rare cars.

There are plenty of fantastic jump opportunities across buildings, rivers and roads making Shoreside Vale one of the most interesting landscapes, especially due to the large hilly, grassy area at the top of the city which almost acts as countryside.

The Purple Nine's are one of the only major gangs operating in Shoreside Vale, although the Columbian Cartel can be seen driving around when required.

Once again there are only a single hospital and police station, however the police station allows you to buy weapons such as a flamethrower from a garage out back. Some people will do anything for money...