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Grand Theft Auto III - Portland

Portland is the first city where players will find themselves in Grand Theft Auto III. They are left stranded there after the Callahan Bridge is blown up by the Columbian Cartel at the start of the game.

The city features a number of deadly gangs, including the Mafia with their shotguns and the Triads of Chinatown, alongside Hepburn Heights "Diablo" street gang.

Other city features include a large harbor area with a crane used for collecting emercency service vehicles, and a garage for collecting pretty much every other kind of car.

In St Marks there are a number of Mafia houses, most fammously Salvatore Leone's in the mansion right at the top of the hill, however some Mafia members are based slightly outside St Marks, such as Luigi's club which is based in the Red Light District, or Joey Leone who has a garage in Trenton.

The city features a police station and a hospital right in the center, and other noteable features include a car crusher, subway and over-ground train system which can be ridden.