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Grand Theft Auto III - Characters

GTA3 features a number of fantastic characters which you'll get to know and love (or hate) as time goes by.

Claude (aka Fido... aka the man with no name)

Claude is the main protagonist in the game, although he is never actually named. He's called Fido by Maria, but this is simply because he was Salvatore Leone's lap dog.

He's a man of few words. None actually. Some people put this down to him being shot in the throat by his ex-girlfriend Catalina at the start of the game, but maybe he's just too shy to speak (but not shy enough to go around killing people).

He'll do whatever it takes to climb the ladder of the criminal underworld, which generally involves killing a lot of people for different crime bosses. All he really wants in Liberty City however is revenge on his former love Catalina for betraying him and leaving him to die, or rot in prison.


Bank robber, drug lord, and all around bitch. She betrays her lover, Claude, shooting and leaving him for dead on the streets of Liberty City. She then proceeds to link up with the notorious Colombian Cartel to push SPANK on the citizens of Liberty City with her new partner Miguel.


8-Ball is the first in-game character players will meet. A black man with "messed up hands" who is broken out of the police convoy at the same time as Claude.

Being new in Liberty City, 8-Ball offers to give Claude a place to lay low, and goes on to introduce him to his various contacts which are a large help in getting Claude involved in the underground crime that riddles the city.

8-Ball is a specialist in explosives, and he has even been known to blow up boats, but his real talent lies in creating three different kinds of car bombs, from Ignition Detonation, Timer Detonation and Remote Control Detonation, some serious fun can be had with his tools.

Luigi Goterelli

Luigi runs a club in the Red Light district and has a small role in making the Mafia some money. He gives Claude some jobs to get him on his feet and get introduced to the other characters of Liberty City.


Misty is one of Luigi's favourite girls and is met by Claude a number of times following their introduction when he must pick her up from the clinic.

Joey Leone

Joey is a car mechanic based in Trenton, one of the Leone Mafia. He's good with cars, and creates a special BF-Injection for his lover Misty, as well as a special limo for the major Mafia players.

El Burro

El Burro is a slightly messed up man who only operates using a phone in Diablo country. His missions generally involve killing people in extravagant ways or driving a van around collecting donkey porn magazines.

Marty Chonks

Marty Chonks runs the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory and uses a payphone to summon Claude for missions which usually involve killing his wives, her lovers and his lawyer.

Toni Cipriani

Toni is a good man, a mama's boy, but a man who hates the Triads. He offers Claude some interesting missions, which nearly all involve killing large numbers of the Chinese, and can be heard on Chatterbox radio.

Salvatore Leone

Salvatore is the main man of the Mafia, the man with the power, and Claude eventually does well enough to work for him. Then does even better and works against him.

Maria Latore

Maria is Salvatore's young female company, however she falls for Claude during his time babysitting her and tells Salvatore of your love together which causes a large conflict between the Mafia and our protagonist, causing him to have to flee the city to Staunton Island.

Asuka Kasen

Asuka is a friend of Maria and Claude's first contact on Staunton Island. She's the sister of Kenji and is one of the leaders of the Yakuza gang.

Kenji Kasen

Is the brother of Asuka, and one of the leaders of the Yakuza. He runs a casino in downtown Staunton Island and generally deals in big business, such as acquiring expensive sports cars for his fellow business associates.


Leader of the Colombian Cartel and Liberty City's leading SPANK provider. Despite being the leader of the newest gang presence in the city he's managed to make quite a name for himself as being ruthless and well funded... Perhaps owing to his newest partner's past experience as a major bank robber.

Ray Machowski

Ray is a bent cop who hangs around in the toilets in Belleville Park. He usually needs Claude to kill various criminals or witnesses who are a threat to his livelyhood, until he is eventually forced to flee Liberty City.

Phil 'The One Armed Bandit'

Phil is a survivor of the Nicaragua war, where he claims to have lost his arm. He runs an army surplus story in Staunton Island where, if you have the cash, you can buy some pretty heavy machinery.

Donald Love

Donald is a property developer based in downtown who has troubles with various gangs, especially the Yakuza, although purely for financial reasons. He's aware that causing a gang war will bring down the prices of property in the city.

Donald is actually one of the most trustworthy people Claude will meet during his time in Liberty City.

Founder and President of Love Media, the largest media conglomerate in the US today. Owning 900 radio stations, 300 TV stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, and at least 10 US Senators makes Donald an almost unstable force in Liberty City. Said to be fond of 'morgue parties', but the less said about that the better, really.


D-Ice is a member of the Purple Nine's gang in Shoreside Vale. Claude never actually meets him, but takes missions from a payphone to the North East of the island.

King Courtney

Courtney is a member of the Yardies and gives Claude a number of different missions to complete, ranging from racing through checkpoints, to dodging spanked-up mad men donning explosive vests...