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Grand Theft Auto III's Weapons

There are a fair number of weapons in GTA3 which can be used for brutally murdering people. These are found all over the city, but can also be bought from Ammu-Nation or Phil's Army Surlus Store in Staunton Island, or the police station in Shoreside Vale.


These trusty things can do some damage if you get close enough to someone to punch their lights out. Claude will also kick people on the ground.

Baseball Bat

You'll find one of these things outside your hideout on each of the islands. It does a lot more damage than your fists and is the main weapon of choice for the Diablo's.

Colt .45 Pistol

The weakest of the firearms, but it can still prove deadly. A few hits from this and your target won't be alive anymore. Great.


Rapid fire combined with the ability to use it for drive-bying make the Uzi a firm favourite weapon. You'll mainly need to buy one of these, but they're not too expensive at Ammu-Nation.


The weapon of choice for the Mafia. Deadly from close range, although not particularly great for longer distances. Never, ever, drive through St Marks in a regular car once the Mafia are pissed at you. You'll grab one of these weapons every time you get in a new police car.


Throw one of these little green pineapples and watch as blood goes flying about 3 seconds later. Can be bought from Ammu-Nation and other specialist stores. Just try not to stand too close to it when it goes off.

Molotov Cocktails

If you'd rather melt people's skin off their faces, why not chuck a Molotov Cocktail at them. They're a great way to get the army out of their tanks, and in fact fire is the only way to destroy a tank. You can buy these from the police station in Shoreside Vale.


A powerful weapon with long range shooting ability, this comes in very useful in most situations.


A rapid rate of fire, combined with the ability to use it in first person mode makes the M16 a fantastically deadly weapon. Ideal for shooting down helicopters, or popping people's heads. Whatever takes your fancy really.


This is a magical device that can turn a pedestrian into charcoal in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the glitchy GTA3 engine, you can even fire this through walls to incinerate people on the other side without even seeing them. Very useful for taking out tanks. Buy one from the police station in Shoreside Vale.

Sniper Rifle

Perfect for popping heads at long range. Not much else needs to be said really.

Rocket Launcher

It wouldn't be GTA without a Rocket Launcher. Aim, shoot, and watch the beautiful fireworks. Rare, expensive, but oh so worth it.