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Grand Theft Auto Advance Characters


Mike and Vinnie have always wanted to leave Liberty City, and now have earned the money necessary to get out of town for good! But Vinnie, wanting to pull just a few more Mafia jobs before splitting town, gets blown up! It’s up to Mike to find Vinnie's killer and get revenge.


Mike's partner and long time buddy was blown up before they could leave Liberty City to live the good life elsewhere…but to be honest there's something fishy about all this.


After Vinnie's death Mike begins working for 8-Ball, doing missions for him while 8-Ball helps him track down Vinnie's murderer. But now assassins are after 8-Ball and he's on the run!


As a bartender in the Red Light District Jonnie is close to the city's dirty underbelly. Word is, though, that someone is out to get him, so he should really watch his step!

King Courtney

Even though he's the leader of the Uptown Yardies and involved in a bitter turf war with the Colombian Cartel King Courtney still has time for the finer things in life…like illegal racing on Staunton Island.


Leader of the Colombian Cartel and enemy of the Uptown Yardies.

Asuka Kasen

Leader of the Liberty City Yakuza. Known to have some of the strangest fetishes that anybody as ever seen. She's a freak, that's what she is.