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Your life of crime begins on foot in Liberty City, in an area called South Park. For your convenience, a clean car is provided. There's more to GTA life than stealing cars, driving over innocent pedestrians, shooting cops and evading the long arm of the law. But not much more... Carry out jobs for The Mob to speed your rise from lowly junior joyrider to a member of the largest, most powerful family in the city. (Look out for suspicious vehicles and telephones: some trigger secret jobs - and sometimes those are the only way to escape a city). Do you have the balls to go all the way?

City Life
Crawling with a mix of innocent pedestrians and criminal filth, GTA's fully functioning cities also feature public transport systems, plus police, fire and ambulance services. Note that fire trucks respond to all fires and explosions, paramedics attempt to attend to all pedestrian injuries, and the cops are paid to pay attention to scum like you. Fortunately, you have a portable Police Radio Scanner to listen in on the police reports regarding your crimes. (Incidentally, all vehicles receive one or more of the local radio stations; press the F5 key to retune the radio.)

Get Away From It All
At the start of each city stage you are told how many points you need to win (the best way to score is to complete Mob jobs). Earn enough points to finish a stage and your status is recorded - along with a string of performance-related statistics for good measure.

Death Or Glory
When you die and are taken to the nearest hospital, you lose all your weapons but retain your Bonus Multiplier; however, when you are arrested, you are taken to the nearest Police Station and allowed back on the streets with your Wanted Level reset to zero... in exchange for all your weapons and half your Bonus Multiplier (the score you can keep).