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There are seven radio stations in Grand Theft Auto, alongside a police radio channel which can be heard whenever you enter a vehicle. Each vehicle has a limited number of radio stations which it is able to pick up however, although the Playstation version of the game only featured one radio station per car.

Custom Soundtrack

On both the original PC and Playstation versions of the game, players could take out the game disk once the game was loaded and replace it with a music CD, where the cd music would randomly play in place of the radio when the player next entered a vehicle.

Gangster Friday

The main theme tune heard within the game is called Gangster Friday by Craig Conner. Craig played all of the instruments on the track, although the song is actually credited to the fictitious band Slumpussy. It can be heard on Head Radio.

Other Radio Stations

Head Radio is the only radio station actually mentioned by name in game, however the other radio stations and songs are listed in the game's manual.

Collector's Edition Soundtrack

Gamers who purchased the PC version Collector's Edition of the game also received the soundtrack on a separate CD with the game. The tracklisting information here lists all of the details for the fictional radio stations, bands and song names. Some even feature a fictional album they supposedly came from too.