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In Grand Theft Auto, players are able to select one of 8 characters to play as in-game. This is the only game in the series which features this ability (aside from the switching in GTA V), however the character choice effects very little in game, as the in-game player looks exactly the same, always wearing a yellow jacket.

Player Selection

Players are able to choose from the following characters on all formats of the game:
  • Travis
  • Bubba
  • Troy
  • Kivlov
However the PC version of the game offers 4 additional female characters to choose from:
  • Kat
  • Nikki
  • Divine
  • Ulrika

Give It A Name

Gamers are given the ability to name their character in Grand Theft Auto, should they desire. This only really effects the high score boards in-game, although entering certain words or character combinations for a name can be used to unlock cheat modes in the game.