Weapons And Powerups

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There are four weapons in Grand Theft Auto, plus your trusty fists. You'll find them by smashing the crates found in various places throughout the three cities.

Fist Fists

Not the most effective of weapons, but useful for beating up unsuspecting pedestrians. Requires very close range and cannot kill anyone, just immobilize them for a few seconds.

Pistol Pistol

A decent weapon which kills in 1 hit, but has a slow rate of fire and isn't the easiest to aim with. There is a ton of ammo for it across the city though, so you'll most likely always have one of these.

Machine Gun Machine Gun

A very useful weapon to pick up. Occasionally you'll be given this weapon for a Kill Frenzy. It has a high rate of fire, which makes it easier to aim and can take out a car, or a bunch of pedestrians in a matter of seconds.

Flame Thrower Flamethrower

Fire kills. And so does this weapon. Very rare though.

Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher

As youd expect, the rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game, but also the hardest one to find.


Grand Theft Auto also has a number of powerups which can improve your performance in game.

Armor Armor

Grab some body armor and you'll be able to survive up to 4 hits instead of dying from one gunshot.

Extra Life Extra Life

Pick up one of these to give you another chance to survive in game.

Police Bribe Police Bribe

This will remove any wanted level you currently have.

Car Speed Up Speed Up

This will speed up your car or how quickly you can run when collected.

Jail Card Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Grab one of these and if you get arrested you won't lose your weapons or your multiplier.

Multiplier Up Multiplier Up

This will add another X1 to your current multiplier.

Info Box Up

This provides you with useful information when you first start the game.