"Pop-Up": Edition of L.A. Noire Trailer 3

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Today, Rockstar presents the Pop-Up Edition of L.A. Noire trailer #3 providing additional info and insights into the game and the world of 1947 Los Angeles that inspired the Vice crimes you'll face.

On YouTube:

Among the insights:
  • You may have read about the Vice desk case, "The Set Up" - in which Phelps and his partner Roy Earle investigate the disappearance of a boxer following a fixed fight that's left a few crooked gamblers and mob types a bit miffed. Fixed boxing match scandals were a current affair back in '47 - most famously with this incident, in which both Frank Sinatra and 'Raging Bull' Jake Lamotta were alleged to be mixed up with a mob scheme.
  • Syrettes are found at the scene when Phelps and Earle investigate the apparent overdose of two junkie musicians in a squalid apartment. Syrettes were notably used for administering morphine to wounded soldiers during World War II, and in the post-war years many veterans tragically wound up addicted consumers of black-market dope to fill their fix.
  • The 1940s saw rampant accusations of LAPD corruption - something that was blown wide open by ex-LAPD Vice Squad officer Sgt. Charles Stoker's expose Thicker'n Thieves, published in 1951.
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