New L.A. Noire Screens: Vice Desk

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Check out more new screens from Rockstar's upcoming crime thriller, L.A. Noire, which is only a few weeks away! Vice is a desk that can replace any officer’s wide-eyed optimism – with hardened cynicism - in no time at all.

LAPD Vice detectives plunge themselves down into the seedy underbelly of LA, overturning the most decrepit of stones to expose the city’s dregs, druggies, pimps, pushers, prostitutes, bootleggers, bookies, mob lords, thugs and gangsters. Working these cases will defy your worst and lowest expectations of humanity.

Among the crimes Detective Cole Phelps and his Vice partner Roy Earle will face are illicit gambling activity, the case of a missing boxer, and an investigation into the latest casualties in the dope scourge plaguing the city. In “The Black Caesar”, Phelps and Earle report to the scene of two dead junkies – jazz musicians found in a squalid apartment, surgical tubing still wrapped around their limp, track-pocked arms. What might the detectives find in the dope fiends’ lair that could lead to the source of this poisonous junk? An odd find takes them deep into the dangerous drug trade...

Below is a quartet of exclusive screens from the Vice Desk, which can be seen in high definition along with even more new screens at the newest Crime Desk Feature Page.

A big fight in LA brings spectators of all kinds, from petty gamblers to powerful mobsters.

Taking a witness statement at the 111 Club, where a shootout has occurred.

The switchblade - a favored weapon of the underworld's street thugs and hustlers.

In Hollywood, Phelps phones in to Central on a police phone, or "Gamewell".

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