New L.A. Noire Screens from the Traffic Crime Desk

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Contrary to what some might think, detectives working the traffic desk don't spend much time having to sort out parking tickets and moving violations. The Traffic crime desk detective unit investigates hit-and-run cases, vehicular manslaughter and murder cases, and any collision report involving serious injuries or fatalities where a crime may be involved.

As Cole Phelps first gets promoted to detective in L.A. Noire, he is assigned to Traffic - very quickly discovering a dark world where sedans are used as instruments of murder, deception and violent crime.

Today, Rockstar has unlocked the Traffic Crime Desk feature page at the official L.A. Noire website - presenting an overview of that particular unit and its cases including "The Fallen Idol" - where survivor accounts at an accident crash site just don't add up. Odd clues and flimsy personal accounts may lead to something far more sinister than things seem.

Here's four brand new screens, taken from the Traffic cases in L.A. Noire. You can see these and several more new shots in high resolution right now at the updated Crime Desk Feature page on the official site.

Phelps examines the body of a hit and run victim at the crime scene.

In "The Driver's Seat", Phelps and Coroner Carruthers check out a mysterious abandoned car.

At the scene of a crash, interviewing a shaken up survivor.

After just being promoted to Detective, Cole Phelps meets his new partner on the Traffic Desk, Stefan Bekowsky.

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