New Rockstar/T2 Domains, Possible GTAV or Payne?

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Domain sleuth "Supererogatory" posted an interesting and exciting tweet that Rockstar Games seems to have registered new website domain names in January from Network Solutions (links go to whois):

The domains previously gave Rockstar Games as the registrant but now only mention Take-Two. The other stuff is default privacy information to protect registrants' info but apparently some things slipped this time around. The websites are placeholders right now without any related adverts either.

Assuming these are for the next Grand Theft Auto game, they would suggest it is in modern times (as long as the internet has been widely used so late 90s+) or possibly in the near future. The only GTA link I can find is with In GTA IV, Isaac Hammerstein is the step-father of Lazlow and owns Isaac Hammerstein and Daughters Funeral Services. Aside from that, the others have a familiar Rockstar humor about them.

Another game these could be for? Max Payne 3. The exact year in these games is fuzzy but since #3 is 12 years after #2 (which is 2 years after #1), it is possible the internet was around. Only basic information is available about this game at this time but it appears to be next in line for release after L.A. Noire.

So what do YOU think? GTA? Payne? Rockstar trying out a get rich quick scheme??? Let us know in the comments below and join the discussions in the GTA 5 forum!