LCS Head Radio & Lips Albums Available At iTunes

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You may remember the music from Lips 106 and Head Radio in GTA III coming to iTunes not too long ago. Now, by fan request, Rockstar is happy to announce that the tracks from Liberty City Stories have also been remastered and are up now on iTunes for download - with individual songs priced at only $0.69 each and each station's complete 7-track album at only $2.99!


Lips 106 [complete album]
  • Rudy La Fontaine – “Funk in Time”
  • Sarwarr – “Love is the Feeling”
  • Sunshine Shine – “Mine Until Monday”
  • Credit Check – “Get Down”
  • Cool Timers – “Tonight”
  • Nina Barry – “Bassmatic”
  • The Jackstars – “Into Something (Come On, Get Down)"

Head Radio [complete album]
  • Conor & Jay – “Train”
  • Cloud 19 – “The One For Me”
  • Purser – “Feel the Pain”
  • L-Marie (feat. Raff) – “Free Yourself”
  • 15 Ways – “Drive”
  • Rosco Stow – “Welcome to the Real World”
  • Vanilla Smoothie – “Keep Dreaming”

On top of that, official playlists featuring all the other music stations found in both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories are also now available which contain all of the individual tracks that are currently on iTunes. Stay tuned for more digital soundtrack releases in the future and grab songs by visiting the links below:

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