Latest GTA V Previews

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On the heels of the trio of third trailers, the gaming media reveals their latest experiences with Grand Theft Auto V. Here's a quick list of links:

Other international previews:
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Germany: | | | | | | | | | | Games Aktuell | VideoGamesZone | GameZone |
Spain: 3DJuegos | Meristation | LaPS3 | HobbyConsolas | Vandal | IGN
Benelux: Insidegamer | Power Unlimited | 9lives | | Gamekings | Tweakers | IGN
Italy: | | | | | IGN
Scandinavia: | Gamereactor(DK) | Gamereactor(SE) | Gamereactor(NO)
New Zealand: Gameplanet

Among the major points are:
  • Character customization includes clothing, haircuts, and tattoos
  • Character skills/stats that can be improved
  • Special skills:
    • Franklin - Slow-Mo Driving
    • Trevor - Frenzy mode, double damage (think adrenaline)
    • Michael - Bullet time
  • HUD includes bars for health, armor, and special skills. Radar is similar to a 3D GPS display. There is also a "sound cone" showing how much noise you make, which attracts enemy attention
  • Car customization at Pay 'n' Sprays is extensive, close to Midnight Club
  • Weapon customization includes clips, scopes, and flashlights
  • Buying businesses and real estate to make more money
  • Actually plan out heist missions


Of course there are plenty of new screenshots and artworks released with the previews. Check out the screenshots in the gallery here and some of the artworks in the iGTA5 gallery here. The artworks will likely be officially released as a wallpapers in a month or so.