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Rockstar Official Website GTA5 Video!

online TreeFitty & SmC12activity 3521 Days Agoaffiliates 75184 Viewsforums 11 Comments
So, it's been 2 years since the last GTA was released. That's right, L&D and BOGT were just DLC!

If you are a big GTA fan then you will realize that next week is March, an important month in GTA gaming because this is usually the time when we start to get some info on the next GTA.

Go to http://www.rockstargames.com/v and you will be prompted to download a flash file, the video contained can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOcsbVBVUXs

It's funny but does this mean that they have released this weird teaser type video because they are preparing that website for a big announcement for March? Or are they just playing with our minds?

Remember that it's been almost 2 years since the last GTA release and in that time R* have kept us busy and distracted with the DLC's and the PS3 getting them too!

So will we perhaps see some sort of teaser, announcement or just a logo in the next month? I think it is very possible that we might and we may even see a release date for winter this year. It IS possible because GTA4 took so long to make because it was a new engine, a new console and even a new ERA! But this time around Rockstar have had experience with the RAGE engine and next gen consoles so perhaps not as much work is required to make the game.

Share your own thoughts on the video found on the V website and an announcement for March. Discuss in the forums or the GTA V section.

*UPDATE* The file has been removed off the site.
online deadactivity 3521 Days Ago
Bit early for April Fool's jokes I think!
online punxtractivity 3521 Days Ago
Hamster on a piano? That's the video?
online deadactivity 3521 Days Ago
Apparently in GTA5 instead of having to find pigeons we're going to have to find 2,000 hamsters before we can unlock the secret sex game.
online ViceManactivity 3520 Days Ago
It's been taken down now, obviously R* didn't want us to see this top secret footage just yet... Oh well, too late.
online SmC12activity 3520 Days Ago
Hamster on a piano? That's the video?

lol that was my reaction too smile.gif

The video has been removed though but is still on Youtube i think, but it's the Rockstar games URL that i'm suspicious about.
online Jimotheyactivity 3520 Days Ago
OK, Well R* have successfully got that tune stuck in my head forever more.
online Massacreactivity 3520 Days Ago
Um... what?
online GTA SA fanactivity 3520 Days Ago
What does Hamster on a piano have to do with GTA series games?
online SmC12activity 3520 Days Ago
What does Hamster on a piano have to do with GTA series games?

because it's Rockstar being stupid as usual.
online FreemanXtremeactivity 3520 Days Ago
That song was done by the same guy that did Chimpanzee riding on a Segway... fyi

online Massacreactivity 3519 Days Ago
Hey look, it's GFX.
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