Red Dead Redemption: IGN Interview Part 3

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Part 3 of IGN's interview with Dan Houser about the creation of Red Dead Redemption. This part has Dan talking more about Rockstar Games and the philosophies they set forward for creating great, adult games.

Behind Rockstar's success is a philosophy that's surprisingly simple. "When we started, the core idea was that we will make games that we want to play. Games that had progressive gameplay on the one hand and cinematic production values and good music on the other," says Dan Houser, creative VP and co-founder of Rockstar. "I read our starting mission statement that I'd written with Sam [Houser, Dan's brother and fellow co-founder] about twelve years ago last year for some reason. I was pleased because it was very much what we'd actually gone and done. We hadn't changed."

Read more into Dan Houser's insight in the full article here.

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