Shifting Weight

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Elizabeta wants you and Malc to sell the drugs she's just obtained.


Follow Malc to the drug deal at the courts just down the street. As usual, you'll get a text from Jim right on cue telling you to bring Terry and Clay with you, so give them a call if you want their help. As you'll soon find out, it's pretty pointless for this mission anyway.

Once you arrive at the courts, the deal will happen, but the two buyers pull a gun on you guys. Once the police arrive, one of the guys kills the chick for blowing up Johnny's bike.

After the cutscene you'll be on the back of Malc's bike and you need to shoot at the cops to keep them off DeSean. Luckily, and somewhat rather awesomely, you've got infinite ammo. You'll have to take out the cop cars and the helicopter if and when you can. Might as well keep your finger on the trigger seeing as you don't even need to reload your gun.

You're probably more vulnerable than DeSean, so make sure you keep checking your radar to kill the cops who are getting close to you. Once you're over onto Algonquin you'll need to face forwards and take out some cops in the SWAT van, then just keep checking your six for cops.

Make sure you shoot the petrol pumps just after you go past the gas station for an awesome explosion.

Keep firing away at the cops, and eventually you'll get stuck in a road block and surrounded. Kill most of the cops on foot at the road block, then shoot out the showroom windows you'll escape through it. Once you're back in the action, resume the shooting as there's plenty of cop cars to keep you busy.

Drop One Of These...

The rest of the mission is more of less the same until you reach the motorway, where you'll be given pipe bombs and told to drop them for the pursuing police cars. Cook them for about 2 seconds each and you should be able to take out the cops. Then you'll just need to drop them pretty much straight away to get the cars further behind.

After the final cutscene where two cops crash themselves to death, you'll complete the objective.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $3000


Mission Tips

  • Because there's no cover on this mission and no way to regenerate health, you might need to just fight your way through to each checkpoint, then if you die you can continue from there with full health.
  • The mid-mission checkpoints are making the actual drug deal and being surrounded outside the car showroom.
  • Keep firing almost all of the time. Got nothing to lose with unlimited ammo!
  • After the mission you'll be able to pick up a pretty awesome Double T Custom bike if you check out the area where you are.
  • You'll call Elizabeta and she'll tell you that you should stay away from her for the time being.
  • Ashley will then call you and unlock a new mission for Ray Boccino.
  • You'll then get a text from Ashley too telling you she needs to see you. This will unlock a new mission for her.
  • Clay will then text you telling you to give him a call and he'll repair your bike and bring it to you. Does your phone ever stop?!