It's War

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Billy is talking to a lawyer member of the Lost when Johnny comes in. Eventually Billy gets a text message telling him some of their boys are getting jumped.

Dead Angels

Follow Billy to South West Alderney. Once you arrive, you'll be told to take out the Angels of Death. There are a good 20 or so enemies behind the various pieces of cover, so the best technique is probably to move through the area on your bike first, taking out as many as you can with sawn off shotty drive-by's, then go around on foot and use a pistol or something to pick off the rest. There are two guys on the roof and you'll find some body armour just inside the train track room to the right of the building.

Once they're all dead, follow Billy to the next area.

We Used To Do This With Bats...

Once you reach the next area you'll have to kill another 20 or so enemies. This time it's easier to move through the area on foot with an SMG or pistol. Shoot at the explosive barrels or gas tanks a few times to clear out a few enemies at once, or just use auto-aim and move through the yard staying behind cover.

As long as you don't run right out in front of someone with a shotgun, you should be able to survive long enough to kill all of the Angels.

Once they're all dead, meet Billy at your bike. He'll tell you that they've just found out that Jason was killed in Broker, and that they're going to get revenge on the person who did it...

Mission Passed!
Reward: $750


Mission Tips

  • Shoot the explosive barrels and tanks a few times to clear our a few enemies at once.
  • Remember to get into the Lost logo when driving to recoup some of your health, armour and vehicle health.