Pump-Action Pimp

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A member of the Diablo gang has been pimping his girls in Luigi's backyard. He wants you to take care of him.

Destroy The Diablos

Start off by grabbing a vehicle and heading to Ammu-Nation. You can go around the back of the building and pick up a Colt. 45 which will come in useful shortly. Next look at your radar and work out where the Diablo Stallion is. Chase after it in your vehicle and smash into it a few times. Once the car is damaged enough the two Diablo members will bail. Watch out though because they're heavily armed so as soon as they get out of their car either run them over or shoot them quickly. You can then pick up their weapons which are a Shotgun and Uzi Sub-Machine Gun.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

The Pistol is available for purchase at Ammu-Nation upon completion of this mission.