Three's Company

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Three's Company

Mission Time
The FIB needs to acquire a valuable person from the control of the IAA. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are all roped into helping.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Michael (start), Franklin, Trevor

Boss's boss

After entering the marker and watching a short cinematic of the building, walk over to Dave. Michael finds Dave in the plaza between the FIB and IAA buildings. Dave and his boss Agent Steve Haines plus Agent Andreas Sanchez are all having a chat. Michael is quick to insult Haines who laughs off the personal attacks. Dave thanks Michael for his work at the coroner's office but Sanchez says he made a mistake. Haines gets serious and tells Michael that Mr. K is at the local IAA station (the building next to them) and they have stepped up their interrogation because of the coroner incident. Mr. K needs to be taken from the IAA before he rats out Dave and Haines. He sends Dave and Michael away.


Walk to Dave's car. Dave says the FIB has a lot in East Los Santos which is where they are going. Get in the car and start driving to the meeting point. During the drive Dave tells Michael they will need a little more help and to phone Franklin. Michael resists but gets pressured into calling him. Next up is Trevor. Michael thinks Dave is crazy and completely refuses. Luckily another agent already picked up Trevor. Michael continues to think that's a mistake.

Dave says Franklin will keep an eye on things from across the way. Trevor will fly Michael in and Michael will rappel down. Michael continues to berate Dave's plan. Trevor will be happy to know Michael is working for the FIB and meet Dave who "killed" Michael and put Brad in jail. Dave decides to hang back from Trevor. Finally a good idea. Pull into the lot where Franklin and Trevor are waiting. Michael gets out of the car and Dave slides over to drive off.

The extraction

Trevor is busy verbally abusing an FIB agent and questions who dropped off Michael. Michael tells Trevor to cut it out and tells Franklin to leave. Franklin refuses. Trevor points out the "son Michael never had" ambiance and advises Franklin to find another alternate father figure. Michael gives a more formal greeting to his crew and briefs them on the plan. They'll make the FIB agents happy and walk away clean. Trevor wants to spring Brad from prison after this but Michael says they'll talk about Brad later. Michael needs to change and Franklin needs a head start to get into position.

Shortly later Michael exits the building in his rappelling equipment with Trevor making comments. They get in the chopper and you are SWITCHed to Trevor. Fly to the Agency Headquarters. Helicopter controls are displayed if needed. During the flight the two begin to discuss how things came to be - more so why Michael didn't go out with a gun in his hand. Michael says he had a family and that ties with the old crew weren't completely broken since Trevor is involved with this. Position the helicopter over the area marked on your radar and get just above the roofline on the west side of the building.


Michael hops out and warns Trevor about screwing around before descending. You are SWITCHed back to Michael and told to move down the side with controls displayed. He'll automatically stop just above the target windows. A cutscene shows Mr. K being interrogated heavily by IAA agents - mainly Agent Karen (from GTA IV, aka Michelle). They smash his hand with a large flashlight and then position him for rectal insertion. You are given the option to smash in. Do so and Michael will grab Mr. K with a gun to his head. He's outnumbered and request assistance from Franklin.

Death from a distance

SWITCH to Franklin who will automatically aim with the scope. Kill the six agents and Michael exits out with Mr. K. Another wave of seven agents appear. Kill them as Franklin or SWITCH back to Michael to finish them off. Trevor won't leave until they are all dead which gets Michael a little mad. After the agents are wiped out Michael is lifted up and choppers are shown approaching.

You are SWITCHed back over the Franklin and told to take down the choppers. One will come for Franklin and the rest follow the other two. Get whichever ones you can by shooting the pilot or delivering multiple shots to the chopper itself. SWITCH to Michael or Trevor. Michael will have unlimited ammo with his rifle so shoot down the remaining choppers. Use his special ability if needed. When they are all taken care of either enjoy the ride back or SWITCH to Trevor and fly back to the meeting point yourself. Mr. K is very happy to have been rescued and Michael says the FIB will take care of him.

Land near the marker and two FIB agents will be waiting with a van. They'll reinstate Mr. K's fear with a bag over his head and shove him into the back of the van before driving off. Michael changes back into his clothes. Trevor comments a little about Michael's new contacts but thinks Franklin is a good kid. New city, new problems, same idiots. Trevor hops into the helicopter and takes off leaving Michael alone in the lot.


  • There is no vehicle damage objective so you can bang up Dave's car quite a bit.
  • Following the game's SWITCH suggestions is a very good idea.
  • Use Trevor to escape the Buzzards. Fly low around the Downtown buildings which will cause most of them to crash and save your accuracy.
  • When using Michael in the helicopter, use quick bursts of fire to keep your aim (and bullets) on target.
  • The helicopters take a quite a few bullets before bursting into flames. Try to get the pilots which will take them down faster.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 07:30.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
  • Headshots - Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.