Surveying the Score

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Surveying the Score

Perfect Distance
Cavity Search
Under the Bridge
Tunnel Flight
Mission Time
Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and Lester scope out the federal reserve in preparation for The Big Score in the very near future.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Trevor, Michael, Franklin

Surveying the score

Trevor goes into the fridge of his new office but has to push the body of the former manager - named Leon - back in. Michael and Franklin enter the office so Trevor lays out his grand plans of the future. Lester arrives and tells a small tale of a group of men who lied and stole but always dreamed of... the big one. The Union Depository has $200 million in gold bricks owned by the government. If they live through the attempt at stealing them the government will hunt them down for the rest of their lives. The group heads out to survey the area.

Put in control of Michael, get into his car with Franklin and drive to the bank on the upper roadway. You can also SWITCH to Trevor who has Lester in the passenger seat. Lester says a few armored cars are doing a dry run at 15:30. Trevor and Lester are taking a ride out to the airfield to grab a chopper and plot the armored cars' route to find a hijack point. Michael and Franklin will scout out the depository itself for security, escape routes, etc. Get to the bank and look at the front doors. Franklin comments that going in through there should be easy since security is light but the metal is kept underground which is hard to get to. Drive around to the back entrance on the lower roadway. Once again security is light. Very strange considering the valuables inside. Michael checks on the status of Trevor and Lester.


You are SWITCHed to Trevor who is taking a piss on the side of a freeway. Get back in his truck and continue on to the airfield. Trevor tells Lester he has a plan to break Brad out of prison. Lester tells him to talk to Michael and doesn't have a good opinion of Brad. When you get to the airfield get in the helicopter and fly to Murrieta Heights. Lester informs Trevor that the UD's security is internal rather than external. The quietness makes any disturbance easy to notice. There's also a whole team of officers ready 24/7 in case something goes down at the UD. A good plan will be to divert that team which means hitting the UD twice: once as a diversion and the second to get the score. Michael is a good option for the first hit.

Spies in the Skies

When you get close the camera will focus in on the convoy of armored cars. Follow them but don't get too close. If you change to the cinematic view, it will be the camera mounted on the chopper. Lester says they need a spot with cover for the heist crew but no escape routes for the guards. They'll go through a tunnel along the north side of Downtown which Lester thinks will be perfect for a switch up. The armored cars approach the rear entrance where Michael and Franklin are still sitting. Michael says they'll need ID cards to get in. A short cutscene shows "Onion 86" enter the building 30 seconds later than expected.

Lester says they are still digging a new LS Metro Tunnel nearby. He wants Trevor to find it. Circle around to the left and fly near the big-ass hole. When you see it get low directly over it so Lester can look inside. The game mentions the cinematic camera to see what Lester is looking at. When Lester has enough intel fly back to the airfield. You are given the option to SWITCH back to Michael who is taking Franklin back to his house. They'll discuss Michael's feelings about the job - mainly his worries about Trevor. Michael refuses to discuss the past with Franklin right now. Trevor and Lester discuss the current plan a little as far as vehicles. Trevor is willing to lend his chopper but refuses to take his name off of it. Land the helicopter and Lester says it will take quite a bit of planning for this one. Trevor wants him to plan Brad's breakout too.

After this mission you move on to Bury the Hatchet. The story of GTA V takes a bit of a turn and the big score is put on hold. You return to this heist after the mission Meltdown.


  • For the time objective you are better off SWITCHing to Trevor at the beginning and getting out to the airfield as fast as possible. Then SWITCH to Michael after surveying the construction site and get Franklin home as quickly as possible.
  • Don't fly too close to the armored cars. Keep some distance behind since they will stop (for a few seconds) at every red light.
  • Be careful while navigating under the bridge and especially through the tunnel. For the bridge you don't need to be in the roadway. Go under through the (much taller) river channel opening. For the tunnel glide along the road if necessary but don't run it into the ground or else you'll need to lean the whole vehicle forward to regain speed and will scrape up the tail on the ceiling.
  • The construction hole is around to the left in a corner. Get low over it quickly without crashing.


  • Perfect Distance - Follow the vans without being warned on distance.
  • Cavity Search - Find the construction hole within 20 seconds.
  • Under the Bridge - Fly under the bridge whilst following the security vans.
  • Tunnel Flight - Fly through the tunnel whilst following the security vans.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 11:00.

Hang Ten < Surveying the Score > Bury the Hatchet