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Nigel and his lady friend Mrs. Thornhill are British tourists and celebrity stalkers. Mrs. Thornhill has quite a collection of souvenirs stolen from her favorites with Nigel helping to acquire them.

Protagonists: Trevor
Rewards: Up to $10,000

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

Trevor finds an old man and woman rummaging through trash cans in Vinewood Hills. With British accents they tell Trevor to ignore them and he doesn't have an issue with that. The man - named Nigel - then mistakes Trevor for Jock Cranley. He tells his friend - named Mrs. Thornhill - to snap a picture of Trevor Jock strangling him. At first Trevor goes along with the charade but ends up actually choking Nigel. Mrs. Thornhill beats him off with her purse and the two end up worshipping Trevor. They tell Trevor they love celebrities which is why they came to Vinewood. They like going through trash to find unique things thrown away by famous people. Mrs. Thornhill has quite a collection of underwear and bathroom products from celebrities. Right about now Trevor decides to break the conversation but they ask for his help in collecting souvenirs for Mrs. Thornhill's "museum". They would be very thankful and butter up Trevor before walking away.

Shortly after meeting the two, Trevor will get an email from Nigel. He gives some location information on particular celebrities which are Willie from Love Fist, Tyler Dixon, Kerry McIntosh, and Mark Fostenburg. Nigel would like some kind of item from each. Willie is available all the time but the other three are only available during the day between the hours of 0700 and 2000. Look for the orange search areas on your map.



  • Not much to do here. Watch the cutscene and wait for the email.


  • None

Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie

Willie is at Tequi-La-La in West Vinewood. Go inside the club. If you happen to go to the left up the stairs you'll find Willie's entourage. Trevor says he's Willie's dentist and the group points him to the stage downstairs. Go back down and speak with Willie who is leaning on the stage with a younger woman. Willie says he won't be giving out autographs which is fine for Trevor since he wants something better. Willie picks a fight with Trevor and you're told to beat up Willie. Do so and grab his gold tooth when it pops out.

With the tooth in hand exit the club and escape the 2 star wanted level. Once the heat is lost Trevor calls Nigel to confirm he has the tooth and some free DNA. Nigel is happy.


  • Even though Willie is almost in front of you when you enter the bar (and you can hear him talking) you need to go upstairs first to speak with the entourage.
  • You don't need to listen to whole conversations with the entourage or Willie. Run upstairs so they take notice of Trevor then go down to Willie and punch him one or two times right away to dislodge the tooth.
  • You shouldn't have too much of an issue beating up Willie without taking a hit yourself. Use a melee weapon to deal extra damage if needed. You only need enough to dislodge the tooth.
  • Escape the law however you can. Remember to zigzag out of sight and watch your radar for additional cops.


  • Fist Fury - Take no damage during the fight with Willie.
  • Entourage - Talk to the entourage.

Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler

At Tyler's house you are told to steal his clothes which are located in the backyard. The gates are locked but you can climb the walls on the south side with ease. Use stealth since there is a gardener looking in his van in the driveway. Take him out with a silent attack. Now sneak around to find Tyler doing laps in the pool while his love interest Kathi begs for attention from the hot tub. Tyler finishes his laps and goes to her. He'll start doing some backup dancer moves for her pleasure. Either run out and take the clothing or be stealthy. Stealth is all about timing. You need to sneak around while hugging the building when Tyler gets out of the pool. Get to the middle portion that sticks out and wait for Tyler to start walking to the hot tub. When he does, sneak up to the clothing and make your way out of the backyard to the north. Then leave the area. If you are caught they will call the cops and you'll be given a 2 star wanted level.

When the heat is lost or Trevor clears the area he calls Nigel to let him know the clothes are in his hands. They even have a skid mark. Nigel is pleased.


  • Stealth method is outlined above. Not much else to say.


  • Weed Killer - Take out the gardener with a stealth attack.
  • Pilferer - Steal the clothes without being detected.

Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry

Kerry is shopping on Portola Drive in Rockford Hills across from Vangelico. When you enter the area go to Kerry. She has her dog Dexie with her and Trevor manages to scare it off as soon as he arrives. Kerry blames you for the dog running and you are told to chase after Dexie. Do so. After causing a few cars to crash near the shopping area, the dog runs over towards the local firehouse and ends up getting cornered. Walk over to it so Trevor can grab the collar.

With the collar nabbed, the dog runs off and Trevor calls Nigel. Once again he's happy and notes that he might be wearing it in the bedroom by the end of the week.


  • You shouldn't have an issue following the dog. It only runs for approximately a block. Keep an eye on traffic.
  • Sometimes the dog can get stuck or cornered early by unscripted vehicles in the area. You can cheat and make this happen by parking a car across the north entrance to the shopping area next to the planter (the dog goes to the left of the planter). The dog will run against the vehicle endlessly and you just need to walk right up to it in order to trigger the collar cutscene.


  • Hot on the Paws - Stay close to Dexie throughout the chase.

Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark

Mark is out on the golf course at the Los Santos Country Club. You are told to steal his golf club. When you get close enough to make your presence known you are given a 2 star wanted level - usually with cops spawning on the green. If that isn't enough, Mark has his own armed security guards around him. Take out the three guards and chase after Mark who flees in a golf cart. Either kill him or damage his vehicle enough to make him stop and surrender the golf club. Either way collect the club and escape the police attention.

When the heat is lost Trevor calls Nigel to confirm he has the "donated" club. Needless to say Nigel is happy.


  • The timer for collecting the club starts as soon as you are noticed so you need to kill everyone quickly.
  • Try not to kill any cops since that will only increase your wanted level.
  • One of the easier methods I found was to use a quick car to drive in and ram Mark's cart. You can tip it over (come at him from the south) or damage it enough for him to run on foot. If you are fast Mark will still be on foot and it is possible to run him over and kill him. Get out of your vehicle and take care of security before killing Mark with a headshot. Of course you can try to run over a security guard as well on your initial entry.
  • You can use a sniper from a distance to headshot Mark and then go after his guards but you may not be able to collect the club in time. Note if you are too close, security will notice you when you aim at them or Mark.


  • Under Par - Collect the golf club within 30 seconds.
  • Whole in One - Kill mark with a headshot.
  • FOUR! - Kill Mark and his 3 security guards.

Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli

Eight hours after completing the previous four missions, Nigel can be found in Del Perro peering around the corner at a pedestrian mall. Trevor delivers the souvenirs he obtained from the previous celebrities and asks where Nigel's wife is. He informs Trevor that Mrs. Thornhill has a husband and children. They met online and their relationship is nothing sexual. Mrs. Thornhill is currently trying to throw herself under the wheels of a celebrity vehicle. Trevor says she can get under his anytime and Nigel ends up getting a hug from his dear celebrity friend Jock.

Mrs. Thornhill comes running over saying a celebrity named Al Di Napoli is walking nearby. Without getting into too much detail they explain to Trevor that they were involved in a lawsuit with Al because of their souvenir addiction - and possibly trying to grab Al's pants right off of him. They believe the mess came from Al's lawyers and if they could get Al in private they could talk with him. Nigel knows the perfect lock up and Trevor takes the hint which he agrees to help with. Suddenly Al walks out to the street and is made aware of his stalkers. He gets into his SUV so Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill get into their car. Trevor Jock is told to drive.

Get into Nigel's car and chase after Al Di Napoli. He'll drive through the southern pedestrian mall and over to Little Seoul where he zigzags around a little. Various scripted car and truck crashes will play out. After going through a car park near Downtown LS he jumps onto the freeway. He gets off the freeway on the other side of Downtown LS but instead of staying on the roads he ends up crashing right through the hospital doors. Inside, weave over to the left and go out the new large window down to the street below.


On the street you'll find Al hunched over the steering wheel with his SUV smashed into a wall. Trevor - using a British accent - offers to put Al in the trunk for his friends. Trevor drags Al out and helps him stumble to the trunk before stuffing him in. Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are very happy and drive off. Trevor waves the nutjobs goodbye.


  • You shouldn't have an issue staying with Al. Give a little bit of distance to follow him easier but don't get too far or else the traffic he stops can start moving again and close you off.
  • Go easy in the hospital. Most if not all of the people should be clear of the main path so avoid spinning out when you shift over.


  • Stalker - Stay close to Al Di Napoli throughout the chase.
  • Accident and Emergency - Avoid hitting anyone in the hospital.
  • Not a Scratch - Complete with minimal damage to Nigel's car.

Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act

Half a day after completing the previous mission Nigel can be found in an alley in Strawberry west of the strip club. Nigel seems a little upset about celebrities but is happy to see Jock. He asks Trevor to get Al a pizza since he hasn't eaten for days. Trevor says no but offers some ideas. First option is to leave Al somewhere and hope he won't talk to the law. Mrs. Thornhill walks out in time to hear the other option which is to send Al on a trip he won't return from. It's a tough decision and the two stalkers want Trevor to handle it.

Get in Nigel's car and go to the train tracks behind the wind farm. Al is in the trunk and yells out to Trevor. He says he has lots of money and begs to be let go. Once you get through a bit of dialogue you are given a choice of how to complete the mission. It can actually play out three ways:

  • Let Al go right away - Stop the car, get out, and walk to the trunk. Al will be set free with Trevor making sure he won't tell anyone. Before Al runs off he gives Trevor $3000.
  • Destroy the car - Destroy the car however you wish. You won't get any money out of it, though.
  • Take the jackpot - When you get close to the destination Al will offer Trevor $10,000. You can let him go now and be paid the promised money in the same manner as above.
  • Catch the train - Get to the tracks and let the train come for the car. You are told to leave the car on the tracks. A cinematic camera option from the train's point of view is available. When the train hits the car it explodes. Trevor calls Nigel to confirm that Al was taken care of. They'll remember him as he was on TV and not in person - even though they "never met him".

With the choice made the mission is over.


  • If you want the money and the gold you'll have to take the money the first time and replay for the gold.
  • Killing Al after letting him go will not yield any additional money.
  • For the car exit objective you need to drive towards the train and dive out a second away from it. It's possible to take a little damaged from the door hitting you but you can still survive to see the show. If you exit too late the explosion will kill Trevor.


  • Skin of your Teeth - Exit the car just before the train hits.
  • Locomotivation - Kill Al Di Napoli using the train.