Franklin and Lamar

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Franklin and Lamar

Not a Scratch
Focused Driver
We Come in Peace
Meet Franklin and his friend Lamar who both repossess convertibles for an Armenian car dealer, Simeon, for a living.

Rewards: +$250
Protagonists: Franklin

Present Michael

This mission actually begins with robber Mike - Michael - at a therapist office. He discusses his lazy son and how he has advantages Michael didn't when he was young - which is why he robbed banks and ended up in prison. Michael feels like he as at the end of the road. The dream life doesn't exist. After letting out plenty of anger the therapist decides they've spent enough time together. Michael makes his way out and says this stuff isn't working. The therapist replies that a sense of overriding futility is a vital part of the process. Michael leaves.

Cue the introduction.

Legal Theft Auto

Michael finds a bench to sit on along the beach. As he ponders about his life two younger men approach speaking with a little street slang. They are discussing a car they can't seem to find. The one in the green shirt - Lamar - asks Michael where a certain house is. Michael does not know but on a second thought he points them a few doors down. Lamar thanks him but the young man in the blue shirt - Franklin - berates him for announcing their presence. They are in the area to take some cars but for legitimate reasons even though their employment is less than a blue collar affair.

The two enter a walkway next to the target house. Lamar makes his way towards the road and you are put in control of Franklin. Move up to Lamar who comments on the owner's penis size. You are told to choose a car. Hop in your choice and a message informs you how to lower the convertible roof. Lamar comments that it won't make your car go faster and takes off. You are told to follow him.

Lamar will call you on speakerphone to keep in contact during the ride. He'll tell you which way he is going among other comments about your driving. After the first right a message informs you about Franklin's special ability to slow down time while driving (your movements stay in real time, though). Franklin warns that Simeon won't want these cars banged up but Lamar consoles him that their friend JB has a tow truck if Franklin really needs the cash. Franklin replies that JB and his girl Tonya are crackheads.


Lamar takes you through various streets and "shortcuts" including a movie studio lot complete with alien actors jumping out of your way. More vehicle controls are explained during the ride as you come to various obstacles or jumps. After swerving through a few parking garages both drivers end up behind the Union Depository Bank. They exchange smack talk until sirens are heard. Even though they have these cars legitimately Lamar decides to run for it and Franklin agrees.

One time too late

With a two star wanted level and cops entering the lot, you are told to lose the attention. Start driving as the wanted level system and police actions are explained. Easiest way to lose the police is to zigzag through the city while watching your radar to avoid their line-of-sight. You can even find one of the many parking garages scattered around and sit tight on an upper floor until the police give up the search. When you are home free go back to the dealership Franklin works for on the south side of the Downtown area. Drive the car around back and a cinematic takes over. This dealership is run by Simeon. Franklin can pick up missions from here.

Inside Lamar is waiting and in the showroom Simeon sounds appalled at a racist customer. Lamar and Franklin step in and put the young kid in his place. Lamar recommends a hybrid for the kid and Simeon offers some financial assistance. The young kid states that money is not an issue. Franklin decides to head out with Lamar leaving Simeon and young customer Jimmy to finalize the sale.

Heading home

Go outside and get in Franklin's unique vehicle - a special white Buffalo. Drive to Franklin's house on the other side of the freeway. A message about the real-life iFruit App appears as well as other helpful controls. Park the car in Franklin's garage which will save vehicles you put in it.


Lamar asks to come into Franklin's house but gets denied - something he doesn't take too well and insults Franklin about his hair among other things including Tanisha who is apparently an ex-girlfriend who got with a brain surgeon. Franklin goes into his house and the sounds of a woman and a TV can be heard. Franklin enters the room but the woman says she was on the phone and to get lost. Franklin tours his room and messages tell you how to save and change clothing.

When the "Mission Passed" overlay appears, the game informs you about the scoring and how to replay missions. You are now free to explore the game. Inside the house you can find a health pack in the kitchen and a bong on the table in front of the TV. Outside Simeon will call and tell you he has some work. A green "S" will appear on the map at the dealership.


  • You probably won't need to use Franklin's special ability but it does come in handy at certain points.
  • To get away from police simply zigzag a distance away while watching your radar for police. Find a parking lot or garage to hide in until police give up the search.
  • There are no time limits so take your time when possible.


  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the car with minimal damage. As long as the major parts are still attached you should be good.
  • Focused Driver - Use Franklin's special ability for at least 7 seconds.
  • Winner - Although you are told to follow Lamar, you can get in front of him near the end with the parking garages.
  • We Come in Peace - Don't kill an alien actor. It seems that you can hit one, though.

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