Blitz Play & Set Up

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Blitz Play & Set Up

The FIB agents need Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to rob an armored car containing bonds for the IAA and their more-evil-than-the-FIB's plans.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Michael, Franklin, Trevor

Government Corruption

Michael arrives at the lot where Dave Norton, Steve Haines, and Andreas Sanchez are waiting. Michael is mad because they helped out with Mr. K so they should be free from FIB business. Shortly after Trevor makes his way onto the lot and is also upset with the FIB agents - and Michael. Franklin walks up just as Haines begins to throw a fit. He calms down and Dave begins to explain the situation. In case no one knew it, parts of the government are corrupt. Cue the protags' impressions of the three wise monkeys.

Dave says they are corrupt in a good way and Haines chimes in that the IAA are inciting panic to increase their budgets. The FIB needs some funds to bribe corrupt officials but some drug-created funds are going to the IAA supposedly to help start a war on the streets. The trio will intercept bonds which are in an armored truck coming from the port. Michael says they don't have time to prepare but Haines doesn't care. The agents walk away leaving the trio to decide the plan. Michael decides on a blitz play. A trash truck will block and a tow truck will smash the armored car. Disguises will conceal their identity. If the cops are alerted they'll deal with it.

Franklin and Trevor head out. You are put in control of Trevor and told to leave the area. WHen you do a conference call will come in and Michael explains what they need. Boiler suits and masks will keep them anonymous. As for vehicles they'll need a garbage truck from Mirror Park, a tow truck from a repair shop near the airport, and a getaway vehicle parked somewhere off the road a good distance from the lot. After the call numerous set up icons will appear on your map. Go there to complete set up tasks (outlined below).


Any of the three protagonists can be used for the set up missions. It's usually easier to do them all with one.

Tow Truck

Head down to the Elysian Island area and find the large Tow Truck at a repair shop. A man - apparently the owner of the shop - will be fixing a car next to the truck and won't give it up without a fight. Get out of there with the truck and bring it to the FIB's lot to complete this part.


  • The man shouldn't provide much issue to you.
  • When leaving the shop, look for the dirt tracks leading up the hill onto the freeway to save time returning the truck. Be careful not to crash into other vehicles.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 03:00.
  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the Tow Truck with no damage.
  • Truckin' - Reach top speed in the Tow Truck.

Trash Truck

Go to Mirror Park where a Trashmaster is marked on the map. When you catch up to the truck the workers will be making stops. Grab the truck however you wish and outrun a 2 star wanted level. Return the truck to the FIB lot to complete this part.


  • If you just need the mission time and damage objective, it's much easier to steal another Trashmaster off the streets. You can still get a 1 star wanted level but that's less of an issue. They can be found right around the area of the lot. The speed objective will not count using this method.
  • If you have trouble reaching top speed get onto the freeway or use the long downhill stretch of roads near the FIB lot.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 05:00.
  • Undented - Deliver the Trashmaster with no damage.
  • In The Dust - Reach top speed in the Trashmaster.


Over in Vespucci Beach visit a shop that sells masks. Pick out one for each character and exit the store.


  • Easy mission with easy objectives.


  • Face Time - Purchase all masks within 20 seconds.
  • Cliché - Purchase a white hockey mask for each character.

Boiler Suits

Visit the Ammu-Nation store in Downtown and purchase boiler suits from the right wall for each character.


  • Easy mission with easy objectives. The boiler suits are at the top of the list.


  • Quick Shopper - Purchase all outfits within 30 seconds.
  • United Colors - Purchase a different color for each character.

Getaway Vehicle

Place a getaway vehicle in the area but not too close. The Trashmaster will be driven to this vehicle and destroyed. Call Michael and choose the Mark Getaway Location option to confirm the vehicle's location for the job.



  • The vehicle needs to be fast and discreet but that doesn't limit you to sports cars. SUVs and pickup trucks are also good. This vehicle really doesn't serve much purpose as it is only there to get away from the destroyed Trashmaster and can even be destroyed itself during the mission without failure.
  • A usable location is not on a main road (dirt roads are fine) and clear of objects or other vehicle spawns.
  • The getaway vehicle cannot be placed too close to the heist or FIB's lot as marked out above. The closest areas that will work are: The facility south of the heist (southeast area of parking lot), the area east and southeast of the heist (beyond the roadway), or in an alley behind the local Ammu-Nation (needs to be close to the main road). The choice is yours.



Blitz Play

With the set up complete it's time to roll. The trio meets at the lot and goes over the plan. Trevor will be up high as a look out for the armored car's arrival. Michael will block with the garbage truck and Franklin will ram the armored car with the tow truck. They'll blast open the doors and grab what they can. Trevor will stay high while Michael and Franklin are the ground forces. Trevor is glad they won't be wearing clown outfits but that reminds Michael about the masks. Trevor isn't keen on it but after they all suit up he's a little happier.

As Michael, get in the garbage truck and drive to your position in Cypress Flats. When you get in position Trevor will look around from his vantage point and spot the armored car approaching. He tells Michael to do his thing and block both lanes of traffic. Back in control of Michael, position the garbage truck across the road. The armored car will pull up and stop commenting that Sanitation isn't supposed to be here today. And now it's Franklin's turn.

SWITCHed to Franklin, put the pedal down and smash into the security truck. A cinematic shows it roll over and smash into a small wall. Get out of the tow truck and plant a sticky bomb on the rear doors. Step back where Michael is and detonate it. After the explosion Michael runs in to start grabbing the contents. Walk over and Franklin will cover the guards. They say the alarm has been tripped and there will be cops on them in 10 seconds. Michael finishes taking the loot as sirens are heard and Trevor confirms half the LSPD is coming their way. A 4 star wanted level is given.

The fun part

Michael takes cover up a level and tells Franklin to stay behind the barriers. You can now SWITCH between all three protagonists. Take out the cops however you can. Pop in and out of cover quickly while getting off shots. Many officers will take over the area east of you. Kill most of them and NOOSE reinforcements will come down the alley behind you from the north. Break off Michael or Franklin to take care of them. Keep an eye on the other as they might get over run. At some point Trevor mentions he has a rocket launcher and will start firing. SWITCH to him if needed to clear multiple enemies to ease the work load of the other two.


Eventually Michael tells Trevor there are snipers on the roof across the road as more reinforcements arrive on the ground. SWITCH to Trevor and look around the building to the southeast (has the guns and ammo sign) for three snipers on the roof. One is above that sign, another climbs up behind him to the upper roof, and the third is on the same level as the first but towards the right on the other side of the upper portion. After killing the snipers you'll probably need to SWITCH to the other two. Continue taking down cops.

A police helicopter will enter the area with another sniper and once again Trevor is tasked with taking it down. SWITCH to him and use the RPG or rifle to end the air raid. Finish clearing the police however you wish and when there's a few left with no more reinforcements in sight Michael will tell Franklin to make a run for it in the trash truck while he delivers the bonds. SWITCH to Franklin and grab the garbage truck. Drive to your getaway location and destroy the garbage truck when you get there. Get in your vehicle and drive out of the area. Franklin calls Michael to confirm the destruction and Michael says he's about to hand over the bonds.

I.C. Weston

SWITCHed to Michael in the Tongva Hills, drive to Devin's house just up the road. Pull up to the gate and a cutscene shows Michael delivering an envelope. He meets Devin Weston who was the unknown man at Mr. K's interrogation. Michael just wants to leave but Devin says he has a job for him. He wants some cars but Michael will push it off on someone else better for the job (Franklin). Devin still wants Michael and offers to hook him up with legendary movie producer Solomon Richards. He's retiring and Devin is working a finance deal. Michael, being a movie buff, gets excited at the prospect. He's escorted off the property and calls Franklin about the job for Devin.

A woman named Molly will message all three protagonists confirming their appointment with Devin Weston at a construction site on Powers St. Trevor will also get a message from Chef who is now available as a gunman for heists.


  • There are tons of cops with plenty of fire power. Keep an eye on all three protagonists during the firefight. Even Trevor can come under attack by NOOSE officers from nearby roofs.
  • Remember Michael's special ability. It can come in handy for officers barely visible behind cover.
  • Use cover. Pop up for quick bursts of fire and aim for headshots.
  • Trevor's RPG can come in handy for clearing large numbers of officers.
  • Look in the north alley for a fuel tank trailer. If it is there try to blow it up early for a multi-kill.
  • When trying to take down the helicopter, remember the RPG has travel time so aim ahead of the chopper. If you use a rifle aim for the pilot to take it down quickly.


  • Hawk Down - Shoot down the helicopter as Trevor.
  • Headshots - Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
  • Switcher - Switch character 10 times.