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Guess what's coming to PC and the PS3?

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Guess what's coming to PC and the PS3?

Episodes from Liberty City is offically coming to the PC and Playstation 3! They will arrive on March 30th, 2010 so get ready! Check out the official announcement from Rockstar Games:

Quote: Rockstar
We are happy to announce the much anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows® - LIVE on March 30, 2010. For the first time, PlayStation 3 and Games for Windows - LIVE players will have the opportunity to experience the last two thrilling chapters of the Grand Theft Auto IV saga.

The two action packed episodes will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network and Games for Windows® LIVE on March 30, 2010. Each episode boasts the same detailed and immersive Liberty City we all know and love. Games for Windows - LIVE players can enjoy 32-player multiplayer matches and an advanced video editor, and all fans will have the chance to once again listen to the dulcet tones of Liberty City Radio.

The Lost and Damned is a dark trip through Liberty City’s seedy underbelly as outlaw biker, Johnny Klebitz, fights to keep his gang together as a rift in the gang’s leadership threatens to tear the brotherhood apart. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, players explore Liberty City’s high-end nightlife as Luis Lopez, struggling to balance the temptations of money and vice against loyalties to family and friends. Both episodes feature a slew of new vehicles and weapons, and each episode adds new activities including cage fighting, gang wars and BASE jumping.

So far they haven't said anything will be cut so it looks like the games will be as fully featured as they were on the Xbox 360. This is the best news non-Xbox players could hope for and is sure to kick-start the IV community back into action.

Amazon.com: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
EBGames.com: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
GameStop.com: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
Play.com: PC £29.99 , PS3 £29.99
SimplyGames.com: PS3 £29.89

GameFly.com will have rentals-only of the PS3 version starting at $8.95.

online TreeFittyactivity 3404 Days Ago
Well, this is about as nice as Rockstar can be to PS3 fans. They weren't lying.
online ThePaleOgreactivity 3404 Days Ago
I didnt see any info on how they got around the MS exclusivity contract. I guess it was only for a certain amount time or something? Anyone know?
online TreeFittyactivity 3404 Days Ago
I don't think any of us will ever know exactly what the contract entitled.
online deadactivity 3404 Days Ago
Just as we'd all given up hope. Rockstar; "You evil bastards!" Talk about keeping people in suspense.

Good job I haven't read any content about it because now I can play TL&D and TBoGT and experience the excitement like everyone else did. Shit I've just thought - will I be better playing through TL&D first to fully appreciate TBoGT?
online TreeFittyactivity 3404 Days Ago
Might as well play them in order.
online Psyactivity 3404 Days Ago
I'm guessing there was a year exclusivity agreement from the launch of Lost and Damned, and they've added in an extra month just so they can get everything ready? Lost and Damned came out on Feb 17th on 360.
online Psyactivity 3404 Days Ago
And yeah, you have to play Lost and Damned first or it'll feel like a disappointment. It's like playing GTA San Andreas before GTA3. You'll wonder why all of the awesome new features are missing.
online deadactivity 3404 Days Ago
Damn, it's gonna be hard not taking a sneak peek at TBoGT but I reckon I could do it because I've played the rest in order, no point ruining things for myself. If I get tempted I'll have to put it in one of my safes and tell the missus that under no circumstances should she give me the key until I can prove to her that I've completed TL&D. laugh.gif
It seems a shame they couldn't give us TL&D first then TBoGT in a few months, it's like they've just threw them at us. Maybe they could put a code in TL&D final credits which allows you to unlock TBoGT? I know that's as good an idea as it is bad but I could live with that - others would cry if the final mission was impossible for them. laugh.gif
online Psyactivity 3404 Days Ago
It'll only take about 12-15 hours to complete the L&D story, maybe 25-30 hours ish for 100%, so it's not as if you're going to put off Gay Tony for months. If you're dedicated enough you could probably 100% Lost and Damned over a weekend.
online deadactivity 3404 Days Ago
Both episodes will be available together on one disc. The PS3 version is priced at US$39.99, and the episodes will be individually available on PlayStation Network for $19.99 each.
I suspect UK prices will be the same figures in £'s.
online deadactivity 3404 Days Ago
No more dreaming look!

online Psyactivity 3404 Days Ago
Submit that as an image smile.gif
online Jimotheyactivity 3403 Days Ago
haha, yeah I second that. I knew it would just be a matter of time. now I'll have to pick up on IV to refresh myself
online Canadianbacon123activity 3403 Days Ago
It's about time you guys got this, you won't be disappointed.
online deadactivity 3403 Days Ago
There's got to be at least a few PS3 owners who have gone out today without hearing the news and bought themselves a 360 just so they can play this. laugh.gif

Got to admit it though I'd been considering doing just that myself
online Jimotheyactivity 3403 Days Ago
My mate got a 360 and 'Episodes...' at christmas, I can't wait to tell him it's coming out for ps3.

Anyone who wants to can add me to PSN if they like, my name is Jimothey
online Psyactivity 3403 Days Ago
I own GTA4 on PS3, PC and Xbox 360... Don't think I'll be buying EFLC twice to play it again on both my other devices, but I really want it on PC, so I'll probably not get the PS3 version.
online DuPz0ractivity 3403 Days Ago
Well this is fucking great news. About bloody time!
online deadactivity 3403 Days Ago
LOL I bet all the people who have played this before are looking at us jumping with joy (like this > rolleyes.gif)and excitement like we've just heard about the moon landing or something.
online TreeFittyactivity 3403 Days Ago
^lol porbably. also, is that pricing you mentioned confirmed? I'll update the news post.
online DuPz0ractivity 3403 Days Ago
I'll probs be getting the disc version. I like GTA cases and maps. smile.gif
online ViceManactivity 3403 Days Ago
Meh, lost interest long ago, but I always knew it would come to the PS3 eventually. No contract lasts forever, even a $50 million one.
online Jimotheyactivity 3403 Days Ago
I've checked out most sites I look for games, Play, Amazon, HMV, and Game. I'm in UK btw, and have found not a trace of this, I know the news is still fresh off the press, maybe it'll be updated in teh next few days, but a Google search turned up this:


I have never heard of them, so don't know how reliable the source is, but it's priced at £29.89, with £34.99 crossed off, which presumably is the RRP.
online TreeFittyactivity 3403 Days Ago
Then I'll hold off for now. Thanks.
online punxtractivity 3403 Days Ago
Awesome! (I found out from my email first though. I should have rushed and made the topic smile.gif
online deadactivity 3403 Days Ago
What's with the name?
online TreeFittyactivity 3403 Days Ago
^he said it in one of the other news posts.
online punxtractivity 3403 Days Ago
I've always liked pelicans. There is a band named Pelican too, but their drummer leaves much to be desired so I try to conceal that fact.
online deadactivity 3403 Days Ago
'tis all out now my friend. tongue.gif
online punxtractivity 3403 Days Ago
Whoops, never accidentally proffer up a homoerotic allusion anywhere. My bad smile.gif
online Edgecrusheractivity 3403 Days Ago
High point of 2010 so far. biggrin.gif
online Seeenactivity 3403 Days Ago
I literally just shit myself with excitement. Fuck YES!
online DuPz0ractivity 3403 Days Ago
Well as said by many members on this website. It was bound to come out on PS3 some time. Contracts do run out at some point.
online TreeFittyactivity 3402 Days Ago
Just found out the box art was fan-made but whatever I'm sure that's what it'll look like.
online Jimotheyactivity 3401 Days Ago
I have just seen the PS3 version on Play.com priced at £29.99


not seen it on Amazon yet.
online TreeFittyactivity 3400 Days Ago
adding prices
online Fernando Figueroaactivity 3368 Days Ago
Where its about time it comes out to PS3 and PC
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