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Red Dead Redemption: Hands-on Review Roundup

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Rockstar has compiled some quotes and links to three hands-on reviews of Red Dead Redemption. The press thinks it's as good as they had hoped, and some of their stories seem to back that up.

Game Informer
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The nocturnal calm is shattered by the shrieks of a prostitute bursting out of a saloon as a man chases her down and assaults her in the street. I move swiftly to her aid but, still acquainting myself with the controls, succeed only in kicking her in the face as she writhes helplessly on the ground... A moment later I have him clean in my sights by the open backdoor and unload a round. Which sails past his torso, through the door, over the street and into the stomach of a girl 20 yards away, who drops to her knees with a blood-curdling scream. The same girl I'd been trying to save.
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^didn't even know who the fuck you were at first...

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Well, I guess I'll change it again. I can't stand that just because I had a few arguments about race and one stupid long-running feud with Stoic over why I'm gay just because I don't smoke weed due to personal reasons, that I still can't small talk like olden times.
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