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About iGrandTheftAuto

iGrandTheftAuto is the latest creation of Simon 'Psy' Elliott. You may be thinking, "Hmm, that name sounds familiar". Well yeah, you may know it from his previous websites which include Psycopsy.com, GTA-SanAndreas.com, GTAGuides.com, GTA4.TV and GunningForGlory.net amongst others.

What's all this iAbout?

The idea behind the name iGrandTheftAuto is pretty simple. There isn't one. We just needed a decent domain with Grand Theft Auto in it. So yeah, you can make the "i" stand for whatever you want. Personally we tend to favour 'immense', but insane wouldn't be too wide of the mark.

What's On Here? (I'm Obviously Blind)

The website contains guides, images, videos, downloads, news and pages (plus more stuff) about all of the Grand Theft Auto games released to date. From the classic original GTA, to Grand Theft Auto 5 (which we're just speculating on at the moment). Ideally, we will become the biggest and most useful resource for Grand Theft Auto on the net, but it's going to take time to cram the site full of content. You can help though, as with our extensive submission section, our members have a fantastic opportunity to get their work on one of the biggest and most respected GTA fan sites on the net.

Official Or Fan Site?

We're a fan site, so nothing on this website is technically "official", however Rockstar Games do class us as an official fan site as part of their webring. We have been mentioned in the back of game manuals (namely for GTA San Andreas), but Rockstar Games also flew Psy out to New York TWICE to play GTA4, The Lost And Damned and GTA Chinatown Wars (DS) before they were released, so we do have very good contacts and regularly receive official and exclusive content straight from Rockstar Games themselves.

Contact Us

If you need to get in contact with Psy, the creator of the website, your best bet is to email Psy[at]iGrandTheftAuto.com. Please use a descriptive email subject. You can also send Psy a message on the forums by clicking here or leave a comment on his profile (if you are logged in) by clicking here.

The Staff

Here is a bit of info about the people behind the website and what exactly they did.


Psy is the main (in fact only) developer behind the website. Every single line of code (of which there are about 500,000) was written via his fingertips, including all of the various website stylesheets and templates, and nearly all of the graphic work. In fact it's fairly safe to say nearly this whole website was made from scratch by Psy. Apart from running plenty of other GTA websites, Psy has made modifications, written a ton of guides, made maps, videos and images all for the various GTA games. There's not much he doesn't know about Grand Theft Auto.


PyroHazard's amazing graphical talents, and somewhat warped creative mind make him a fantastic asset for iGrandTheftAuto. Almost all of the Achievement icons were created by PyroHazard and you can bet a fair few news posts will come from him too.


DuffMan has been a fantastic help with the website over the years. One of the admin team, he regularly writes news articles, moderates the forum and on iGrandTheftAuto, will also be one of the main channel operators in our chat room. His ideas and testing skills went a long way to making the website what it is today.


A great website staff member, OPx was instrumental in helping Psy to get the content on the website after all of the hard work was done. He is involved in writing new content and news articles, as well as uploading images and providing humorous captions for them.


QD was responsible for creating some of the content on the website, but fully responsible for putting together our awesome podcast. He also provides the constructive criticism that is so needed. Just a shame he has something negative to say about everything =P.


DuPz0r's fantastic graphic skills were used in the creation of our website banners, and without his fresh creative ideas, Psy may have been banging his head on a brick wall for a bit longer than he did during the design process.


Sheep was very useful in setting up some of the forums, and plays an important role moderating the forum content and fixing problems with members accounts.

Thanks & Credits

It's only fair that we give credit where it's due...

Special Thanks

  • Pieface
  • Benzilla
  • marney1
  • Zen
  • 1UP
  • punxtr
  • FinishingTouch15
  • CrimsonButterfly
  • DeKo
  • W1ckeD

Other Credits

  • Rockstar Games - Firstly for creating the greatest gaming series ever, and also for providing me with some awesome early GTA artwork to assist with the website banners.
  • Matthias Reuter (IPBWI) - For creating an awesome API which allows Invision Power Board integration with the front end website. None of this would be possible without his hard work on the back end.
  • DynamicDrive - For providing a great deal of javascript scripts which were used and/or modified for use on the website.